Natalie Roberson engagement photography

Engagement Photography in Frisco, TX

When Should Engagement Photos be Taken?

When you get engaged, your mind starts racing with all of the things you need to do.
With all of your tasks, don’t forget engagement photography! We recommend scheduling your engagement photography in Frisco, TX with Natalie Roberson Photography about 2 to 3 months in advance of your photo session. We have openings Monday through Friday and some limited options available on the weekends. If you need any products or prints for a particular event, schedule your session 3 to 4 weeks before you need them.

Where do Couples Take Engagement Photos in Frisco, TX?

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement photography setting, think about what’s important to the two of you. Think about your favorite café or restaurant, an activity you always do together, a walking loop you frequent, or the place where it all started.

Popular places for engagement photography in Frisco, TX include Central Park for a natural scenic setting, Frisco Commons for plenty of different backdrops (community gardens and amphitheater), the Frisco Heritage Center for beautiful historic buildings and the a striking downtown backdrop, and the Rail District with its many boutiques and local gathering spots.

The Natalie Roberson Photography studio is always available for your engagement photography in Frisco, TX, offering a charming, private and relaxed atmosphere for you and your partner. The studio villa rests on 15 beautiful acres for the perfect outdoors backdrop.

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

How many Outfits Should you have for Engagement Pictures?

We encourage you to bring a change in clothes and anything sentimental for your engagement photography session. We highly recommend bringing two outfits with colors and styles that don’t match but complement each other. We have a pop-up tent for wardrobe changes if your session location doesn’t have a changing room. Choose one casual and one dressy outfit for each of you and remember to pick clothing that you feel comfortable in and can move around. If you feel comfortable in your outfit, you’ll have the confidence to relax during your session and the team at Natalie Roberson Photography has experience to pose both you and your partner to capture your beauty and the love you share for one another.

How Should you Prepare for your Engagement Photography Session?

When you hire Natalie Roberson Photography for your engagement photography in Frisco. TX, you have the benefit of our experience in your corner. All of our packages come with a complimentary consultation appointment where we get to know you and your vision for your photos. Once we have decided on a game plan, you can start planning and preparing for your session.

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

Most importantly, this should be a fun and relaxing experience! You’ll be able to relax and let your personality shine through if you look and feel your best. Have your clothes cleaned, steamed, and ironed a day or two before your engagement photography session. It’s likely that you’ll have several closeup photos of your hands, so this a great excuse for a couples manicure to relax and look your best! Haircuts and/or coloring should be done 1-2 weeks prior to your session and this is a good opportunity for a makeup and hair trial run. If you haven’t cleared your day for your engagement photography session, be sure to allot plenty of time to get ready and eat something before your appointment – it can be difficult to hold your partner’s sensual gaze with a grumbling stomach!

Pack a kit with makeup essentials, a hairbrush, hair spray, a clean towel for quick sweat dab to minimize unwanted sheen and don’t forget some breath mints since kissing during your engagement photography session is welcomed and strongly encouraged. If you’re nervous about your engagement photography session, take some time beforehand to enjoy some one-on-one time with your partner to boost your confidence and reconnect with the wonderful reasons why you make a great couple.

Do you Need a Professional Engagement Photographer in Frisco, TX?

Engagement photography in Frisco, TX is an art form requiring a photographer with experience to capture the love and intimacy of you and your future spouse. Whether these photos are for portraits for your home, engagement announcements or for that digital slideshow at your engagement party, you want them to reflect who the two of you are and the love you share. Don’t let the hands of an amateur ruin this moment for you with awkward lighting and poses.

When it comes down to it, if you want the highest quality engagement photography products and experience, we strongly recommend a professional photographer to beautifully photograph this new milestone in your lives.

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

Natalie Roberson Photography is the Best Engagement Photographer in Frisco, TX!

Kick off this new chapter in your life with a fun and enjoyable engagement photography session in Frisco, TX and an experienced photography team like Natalie Roberson Photography. All of our wedding packages include an engagement photography session and is a great way to ensure high quality engagement portraits that will look stunning in your home next to your wedding photographs. Contact us today at (972) 415-7644 or and let us capture the love you share as your lifelong journey begins togeth