Children’s Milestone Photography

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Children’s Milestone Photography

What Is Milestone Photography?

first day of school photoAs your child reaches a new milestone or conquers a new development skill, snapping a picture is the perfect way to preserve that moment in time. While it may seem like they take so long to conquer each hurdle, as you look back, you’ll realize those accomplishments came and went in the blink of an eye!

Milestone photography for babies is a popular and fun opportunity for parents to try DIY photography since every first happens so quickly. Parents love snapping a photo each month as their baby gets one month older. In between there are events like the first yawn, first giggle, first solid food, first step, etc. While it’s probably not practical to schedule a photo session for all of your baby’s firsts, booking a professional milestone photography session at somewhat frequent intervals will preserve those fleeting memories better than a blurry cell phone picture.

When Should You Schedule Milestone Photography For Children?

You know you want to capture your little one and how they grow and change, but knowing when the subtle change in their smile or growth spurt will happen is not something you can precisely plan for. The good thing about a milestone photography collection is that it not only holds a special place in your memories, but you’ll likely associate memories of your child’s developments that happened around the time the pictures were taken.

Scheduling milestone photography each year around their birthday or half birthday is a great time to enlist the resources of a professional photographer like Natalie Roberson Photography. Try to book your session 2-3 months ahead of time so you prioritize the appointment and it doesn’t fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Making milestone photos a yearly tradition will also help the little ones feel more comfortable in front of the camera so more of their personality can be captured each time.

Creative Ideas For Milestone Photography

Natalie Roberson cakesmash photography

Your child should be the focus of the photo along with a place card or indicator of what milestone they’ve reached. A popular method for accenting milestone photography is with milestone cards. With many different styles, designs and customizations, you’re sure to find some for every time period increment and developmental milestone you need—or you can make your own!

Baby milestone blankets are an easy way to highlight the baby’s age in months, while message boards and development trackers are extremely customizable. These can describe the baby’s cute habits or current physical dimensions in each picture. Another option is to let the milestone photography speak for itself. Use the same prop like a stuffed toy or a ruler to visually show the baby’s growth and physical development accomplishments as they learn to sit, stand and climb over the prop.

Cakesmash photography is another fun way to capture babies as they experience their first birthday. We provide the space in our studio for toddlers to make a beautiful mess! Natalie Roberson Photography will create a composite image of the cakesmash photo session, with the child sitting or standing next to a giant number representing their age, and lots of outtakes featuring lots of crumbs and frosting!


Why a Professional Photographer is Important For Milestone Photography

Traditional Senior PhotogragraphyAs a loving parent, you know your baby won’t be a baby forever. But you know that both you and your child will want to reflect back on these milestone pictures later on in life. You will want to revisit those moments as they grow into their own person, and they will see these photos of them in your home and know they are loved and cherished. Professional milestone photography captures the sweetest parts of childhood, and the tween years and graduating from high school too, in the highest quality photos. Using an experienced baby and child photographer, you’ll effortlessly get the perfect lighting, angles and poses you want for your photo albums and portraits to display in your home.

Natalie Roberson Photography Is Experienced In Milestone Photography!

Celebrate your child’s accomplishments with milestone photography not just in the first year, but every year. As a professional newborn and children’s photographer, Natalie Roberson Photography can bring your vision and their personality into every photo. Schedule your session today and freeze a magical moment in time with milestone photography!