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Photography for your Pregnancy

Photography for your Pregnancy

What Pictures Should I Take During Pregnancy? Milestone pictures are a great way to document your pregnancy. Be sure to schedule your pregnancy photography and your free consultation with Natalie Roberson Photography early in your pregnancy so you can discuss what pregnancy…
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A boy posing for Senior Photography

Senior Picture Posing Ideas for Guys

If you’ve never had a professional photography session, senior pictures are an excellent opportunity to step into the spotlight to document this exciting transition in your life from adolescence to adulthood. Senior photography is the perfect time to showcase your academic, musical,…
| Senior Photography Ideas
Soccer action shots

Team Sports Photography for the Spring Season

How does a Professional Approach Team Sports Photography? Your team sports photography should not be tackled by a rookie photographer. For the winning shots every team wants, a professional photographer is able to capture the team and individual players at their best…
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Newborn Hospital Photography

Is it Okay to Take Newborn Hospital Photography? Newborn hospital photography gives you the chance to capture a once in a lifetime moment that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Many hospitals recognize how important this time is for…
| Newborn Photography
Valentine's Day engagements

Surprise Valentine’s Day Engagements

How do you Propose on Valentine’s Day? A Valentine’s Day engagement is an event you both will cherish for the rest of your lives. A surprise engagement can be done in so many different ways, but is perfected by choosing what best…
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New Year’s Eve Event Photography

New Year’s Eve Event Photography 

How do you get good event photography for a New Year’s Eve party? New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and what better way to remember a great time with family and friends than with professional event photography! At an event…
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Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography in Prosper, TX

What makes a Good Professional Headshot? Good headshot photography expresses professionalism. This is achieved through proper posing, background, facial expressions, and clothing choices. The expert team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows that the first rule of professional headshot photography is to match…
| Headshot Photography
Magical Santa

Holiday Family Photography

When should you schedule holiday photography? There are many ways to capture the spirit of the season with holiday photography. One very special opportunity is the Magical Santa Experience, and now is the time to book with Natalie Roberson Photography! There are…
| Family Photography Ideas