Professional Maternity Photography Ideas, Poses, and Locations in McKinney & Frisco, TX

Professional maternity photography by Natalie Roberson

Professional Maternity Photography Ideas, Poses, and Locations in McKinney & Frisco, TX

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wondrous experience. Capturing a handful of those magical moments in timeless photographs is something you and your family will cherish forever. Over the years, Natalie Roberson Photography has perfected the art of maternity photography by capturing the maternal glow and personality of the mom-to-be while providing a calm, relaxing, and fun time for expectant mothers.

What is the Ideal Time for a Maternity Photoshoot?

While you may glow throughout your pregnancy, the ideal time for maternity photography is at the beginning of a mother-to-be’s third trimester or approximately 27 weeks.

Natalie Roberson Photography’s maternity sessions tend to fill up fast, so book about 2-3 months in advance. If you need prints for a specific occasion, plan 3-4 weeks for those to arrive.

Over the years, Natalie Roberson Photography has found this to be the ideal time to capture a round bump surrounded by glowing happiness, but before fatigue and discomfort take over. Waiting too late in your pregnancy for your maternity photography session may also be problematic if your baby makes an unexpected early arrival!

How Do You Prepare For A Maternity Photoshoot?

Natalie Roberson Photography has your needs and comfort in mind for all photography sessions, and maternity photography in McKinney & Frisco, TX is no exception.

Prior to your maternity photo shoot, you’ll schedule a pre-consultation meeting. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your personal style, props, outfits, themes, options for wall art, pregnancy announcements or albums, and lighting and backdrops that may require more preparation to guarantee everything comes out just the way you envision it.

Creative Maternity Photography Ideas

Capturing the beauty and emotion of pregnancy can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the expectant mother and the photographer. Here are some creative maternity photography ideas to inspire your maternity photoshoot.

Thematic Photoshoots

  • Seasonal Themes: Incorporate elements of the current season into your photos. For example, use fall leaves for an autumn shoot or blooming flowers for a spring session.
  • Holiday Themes: Plan your shoot around holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. Use props and backdrops that reflect the festive spirit.

Waterside Maternity Photography Ideas

  • Sunset Shots: Capture the mother-to-be standing by the water as the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the scene.
  • Sand and Surf: Capture playful and serene photos with the expectant mother walking along the lakeside, sitting on the shore, or dipping her toes in the water.
  • Flowing Dresses: Use flowing, light dresses that catch the breeze for a dreamy and ethereal effect.

Silhouette Shots

  • Sunset Silhouettes: Capture the expectant mother’s profile against the setting sun for a dramatic and beautiful effect.
  • Indoor Silhouettes: Use window light or a softbox to create indoor silhouettes that highlight the mother’s baby bump.

Underwater Maternity Photography

  • Underwater: For a unique and ethereal look, consider an underwater photoshoot in a pool or even a nearby lake. Flowing fabrics and a weightless environment can create stunning visuals.

Nature-Inspired Shoots

  • Forest and Gardens: Take advantage of natural surroundings such as forests, botanical gardens, or fields of flowers. These settings offer a serene and organic backdrop.
  • Waterfalls and Shoreline: Use the beauty of natural water features to add a dynamic element to your photos.

Family Maternity Photography Ideas

  • Include Family Members: Incorporate the whole family in the photoshoot to capture the excitement and love for the new baby. Poses with the partner, siblings, or even pets can create touching and memorable images.
  • Nursery Poses: Many nurseries are decorated with a loving photo of the expectant parents with their sonogram placed next to the portrait, adding personal meaning to the photographs.

Couples Maternity Photography

  • Activities Together: Include activities the couple enjoys doing together, like cooking, walking in the park, or relaxing at home.

Maternity and Newborn Photography

  • Before and After: Plan a two-part session that includes maternity photos and then newborn photos once the baby arrives. This creates a beautiful narrative of the family’s journey.
  • Matching Themes: Use similar themes, props, and settings for both sessions to create a cohesive and meaningful album.
Loving couple maternity photography


  • Sonogram Pictures: Incorporate sonogram images into the shoot to highlight the baby’s presence.
  • Baby Shoes and Clothes: Use baby shoes, clothes, or toys as props to symbolize the upcoming arrival.
  • Chalkboards and Signs: Write messages or the baby’s due date on chalkboards or signs to add a personal touch.

Creative Angles and Perspectives

  • Overhead Shots: Capture the mother lying on a blanket or a bed from above to emphasize her belly.
  • Close-Ups: Focus on specific details such as hands on the belly, the mother’s smile, or the intricate designs on her clothing.
Natalie Roberson's maternity photographs

Flowing Fabrics

  • Gauzy Gowns: Use flowing, gauzy gowns that move with the wind to create a dreamy and elegant effect.
  • Scarves and Wraps: Incorporate scarves and wraps that can be draped artistically around the mother.

Black and White Maternity Photography

  • Timeless Look: Convert some photos to black and white to achieve a classic and timeless feel. This technique can highlight emotions and add depth to the images.
  • Contrast and Emotion: Use black and white to emphasize the contrast and capture the raw emotion of the moment.

By integrating these creative ideas into your maternity photography, you can produce captivating and unique images that beautifully capture this special time in an expectant mother’s life. Whether you’re shooting in McKinney, Frisco, or another location, these ideas can help you create memorable and stunning maternity portraits.

What Are The Best Locations for Maternity Photography in McKinney & Frisco, TX?

When considering the best locations for maternity photography in McKinney & Frisco, TX, it’s important to choose a setting that makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personal style.

Best Places for Maternity Shoots in Frisco, TX

There are several public places in Frisco, TX that offer stunning backdrops for your maternity photos:

  • Sports Backdrop – Ensure your child’s support for your favorite team with a tasteful sports backdrop!
  • Market At The Star – Use the hustle and bustle of the Market at the Star for your love of local art and creativity.
  • Central Park – For a more natural scene, your maternity photography session can take advantage of the sun to naturally highlight you in front of a lovely waterfall backdrop in Central Park
  • Frisco Commons – Enjoy the spacious greenery at Frisco Commons for a natural backdrop.

Best Places for Maternity Shoot in McKinney, TX

There are so many locations for maternity photography in McKinney, TX encompassing a wide range of areas including:

  • Historic Downtown McKinney – Embrace the charm and character of historic Downtown McKinney.
  • Beautiful Fountains in the Park – Use the scenic fountains in the park for elegant and timeless photos.
  • Bustling Sidewalks and Cafes – Capture the lively ambiance of your favorite local spot or the outside of the café you love so much.
  • These timeless locations can be arranged almost anywhere in McKinney, TX with the right scheduling.

Studio Maternity Photoshoot

Natalie Roberson Photography Studio

Natalie Roberson Photography’s state-of-the-art 5,000-square-foot photography studio is surrounded by a 15-acre lot that allows for breathtaking outdoor maternity photography.

The Natalie Roberson Photography Studio is also an excellent choice for maternity photography which will be treated as works of art. Natalie and her husband Nick and the talented staff will capture enduring moments to be cherished forever with unrivaled customer service. Also, the Natalie Roberson Photography Studio can give you lots of options for one-of-a-kind backdrops, outfits, and props.

Indoor and At-Home Maternity Sessions

While the expansive outdoors offers endless public options you might want a more intimate portrayal of the maternal love you have for your baby. Consider locations such as:

Your Own Home

The comfort of your own home provides a great setting for maternity photography. In fact, Natalie Roberson Photography schedules many maternity photography sessions in clients’ homes.

With your free consultation prior to your maternity photography session, discuss any other settings around your home that can provide a backdrop with interest, like your living room fireplace or the swing in your backyard.

Baby’s Nursery

Happily nesting moms-to-be spend many hours preparing the nursery for their precious bundle of joy. There’s no better place to have your maternity photography session than that perfect haven.

Maternity photography of a baby’s nursery

With so many locations to choose from, feel free to brainstorm with Natalie Roberson Photography so they can work with your personal style to create the right maternity portrait for you!

What to Wear for Maternity Photography?

For your maternity photography , choose classic clothing designs and muted colors instead of bold colors, trendy outfits, makeup, and nails so as not to distract from your belly. If you choose to accent your outfit with jewelry, wear simple pieces that won’t look dated in a few years. Dresses that curve in below the breast will subtly focus the portraits on your baby bump.

If you’re not looking to permanently invest in formal maternity clothing for your maternity photography, peruse websites that offer maternity outfits and dresses for rent. If you choose the Natalie Roberson Photography Studio for your photos, there are a variety of high-quality maternity dresses and gowns available for maternity photography sessions held on-site.

What Are Some Flattering Maternity Photography Poses?

  • Incorporating Natural Beauty: Natalie Roberson Photography integrates the scenic locales of McKinney & Frisco, TX into maternity shoots.
  • Posing with Flattering Angles: Many women are uncomfortable with straight-on poses, so photographing a mom-to-be from the side, which flatters her baby bump, is often a better choice.
  • Comfortable and Serene Poses: Natalie Roberson emphasizes comfortable poses, like mom cradling her belly in her hands while she stands in the middle of a local garden or park.
  • Personal Poses: Framing the mom-to-be feeling for a baby kick as she is seated at the foot of a fountain or waterfall creates a priceless memory.
  • Interactive Family Poses: Capture interactions like the family playing together, reading to the baby bump, or preparing the nursery.
  • Couple Romantic Poses: Photograph the couple in intimate and loving poses, such as the partner embracing the expectant mother or placing a gentle kiss on her belly.
  • Posing With Flowing Gowns: The pure natural beauty of the mother-to-be in a gauzy gown flowing in the breeze is a pose that can be cherished forever.
Maternity photography in a flowing gown

Should I Pose Alone for Maternity Photography?

Most maternity photography traditionally features just the mom-to-be in the frame, although shots including a partner capture the excitement the couple shares for the new baby. That tender touch by a proud father is awe-inspiring in the hands of the right maternity photographer. Your life partner’s hand on Mom’s tummy can be one of the most compassionate and cherished moments for a couple to share. Photos that capture the love and adoration of the entire family will create a treasured image for a lifetime.

Should My Husband Pose for Maternity Photos?

Natalie Roberson’s maternity photography will not only photograph you and your bump but partners and siblings are encouraged to participate as well! The love and anticipation of the newest family member is shared by the whole family. With Natalie Roberson’s experienced eye, she poses you and your husband in the best way to portray the emotional connection and happiness of your growing family.

How Much Should You Spend On Maternity Photos?

You shouldn’t have to spend your baby’s college funds on maternity photography! Natalie Roberson Photography is an award-winning photographer who loves what she does, takes pride in her work, and above all, creates a comfortable and enjoyable maternity photography session for your journey into motherhood. Several session options and packages are available with customizations to suit your budget. All packages include a free pre-consultation, custom creative planning, a maternity photography session, and a viewing session. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography for gorgeous photo creations your little one will cherish and come to know as their first photo with mom.

A couple’s maternity photoshoot by a waterfall

Is Maternity Photography With Natalie Roberson Photography Worth It?

When it comes to Natalie Roberson Photography, her many years of award-winning photography and the accompanying glowing accolades across online platforms speak for themselves. Her meticulously practiced and knowledgeable eye illuminates the reason she is the most sought-after maternity photographer in McKinney & Frisco, TX . Because she is a mother herself, she brings experience and patience into every one of her maternity photography sessions. She doesn’t just rely on her years of training and experience, she evokes her artistic talent to portray you at your best while accentuating the beauty of your round pregnant belly. Her extraordinary maternity photography gallery illuminates how she captures the essence of the complex emotional bond between a mother and her baby in her photography.

Maternity photography using Natalie Roberson Photography is worth every dime—and then some! Call Natalie Roberson Photography to schedule your maternity photography session in McKinney & Frisco, TX today at 972-616-4805.