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Natalie Roberson conducts camera studies at her studio in Celina, Texas. The studio features a collection of elegant antique furniture from which you may select pieces to include in your painted portrait.

Natalie Roberson Photography is happy to photograph you at a special location of your choice. Many clients choose to have their portraits done at home, or at their favorite home away from home. There are also beautiful sites near the studio if you would like to have an outdoor painted portrait created, but do not have a specific place in mind.



With Natalie Roberson Photography, you will have the opportunity to determine which photograph(s) best reflect the likeness of the portrait subject, selecting the images that capture the perfect tone, pose, and expression for the painted portrait.

Natalie Roberson Photography offers painted portraits as well as photographs. There are a variety of finishes and styles available to suit your tastes and preferences. Natalie Roberson Photography will work with you to determine the perfect composition for your unique painted portrait. All portraits are fully customizable.

What are Photographic Painted Portraits?

Humans have been creating portraits of each other for centuries. Photographic portraits have been an option in more recent human history, but the recent trend of creating painted portraits from photographs has combined the two artforms. In fact, photographers of all types are experimenting with transforming their digital images into frameworks of art that wouldn’t look out of place on display in a museum.

A painted portrait from Natalie Roberson Photography will provide you with a beautiful piece of art to hang on the walls of your home. This is a great way to preserve the likenesses of your loved ones, just as people have done for centuries. When you commission a painted portrait from Natalie Roberson Photography, you get the best of both worlds – a professionally posed photograph transformed into a unique work of art to be treasured for a lifetime!

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How does Natalie Roberson Photography turn a Photographic Image into a Painted Portrait?

To get started, the photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography will edit out imperfections as they typically do for all photographs, to present their subjects in the best light. Then, using computer software and tools like a stylus and an airbrush, the artists at Natalie Roberson Photography go to work to transform your photograph into a painted portrait. Within these computer programs, the “artist” has the ability to intensify or mute the colors, and to adjust the “brushstrokes.” In the end, your photography session will result in a work of art with the look of a real painted portrait, to be treasured forever!

How does the Painted Portrait Process Work at Natalie Roberson Photography?

  • Consultation: During your initial meeting with Natalie Roberson Photography, we will discuss your ideas and vision for the painted portrait. Although the photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography prefer to meet in person, consultations can be done via video conference or phone call.
  • Sitting: During the sitting, the subject will pose while the photographer takes photos and sketches. If the session takes place at the Natalie Roberson Photography studio, the subject may choose from the selection of antique furniture to create the mood and the setting. Before the session concludes, you and the photographers of Natalie Roberson Photography will discuss the best pose, the portrait composition, and the color to use in the painted portrait.
  • The Creative Process: Natalie Roberson Photography will then begin working on your painted portrait, using sophisticated computer software to help create the beautiful finished product.
  • Consultation on Framing: Natalie Roberson Photography has the expertise to recommend a frame that will present the artwork in a way that complements the painted portrait itself. Your feedback about where in your home you’d like to display the painted portrait will be very helpful in this process.
  • Delivery: Your beautiful painted portrait can be either shipped or delivered to your home upon completion.

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