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Natalie Roberson is known as the most sought after Fresh48 newborn photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has earned many awards and respects from professionals, media, and peers in the industry. Clients love her modern approach and bold colorful style and her love of her craft.

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Newborn Sessions

Meeting Baby or also known as: Hospital Newborn Sessions, Fresh48 Sessions or Sibling Meetings offer the opportunity to document the very moment your family members meet baby.

Hospital photos are SO important! Those of us who have kids know how quickly that newborn phase passes, and capturing all those little details within the first few hours and days is essential! The kisses and snuggles, tears of joy and first yawns are all details that we love to document and share for families. We capture quiet cherished moments of the first few hours of mommy-daughter/son skin-to-skin bonding and a proud new dad’s large hands enveloping his new child’s tiny head after a nine-month wait.

The Fresh 48 Session takes place approximately 48 hours after baby arrives to capture the excitement of having a new baby. Conveniently scheduled on your time to include siblings and other family members. Your session will be planned and customized to your specific needs. These sessions are very relaxed. Sessions last around 45 minutes and are a mixture of posed portraits and pure observation. We will help you prepare and look amazing in every single photo.

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Natalie Roberson Photography works hard to create a special experience. An Experience she has spent 10 years growing and cultivating. Her over 700 positive reviews across all online media platforms speaks volumes about her ability to leave a lasting impression.

Package Pricing Options

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30 minute session in the hospital.  Price includes the session and the digital images. In hospital sessions only.

Note: Please add 8.25% Texas sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

If you’re looking for not just a newborn session, but a hospital session, it’s imperative you start reaching out to a photographer for their availability right away. Most photographers can only accommodate a limited number of these sessions, given the nature of the unknown exact arrival date and time of your baby’s debut. We usually leave flexible dates and times in our calendar before, after and around the due date of a booked Fresh48 hospital session. This is why we restrict the number of these photography sessions we accept each month.

Trust me, you’ll thank us later. The hospital gowns are usually worn while you’re in labor and delivery, and they’re not the most flattering piece of fabric. For moms, we find that simple robes (can be paired with either a nursing bra or nursing tank) work extremely well because the natural V-neck is naturally flattering, and this allows for quick subtle access for breastfeeding. Newborn babies tend to swim in newborn sized outfits, so there really isn’t a need for a special outfit for your session (just for your going-home outfit!). Simple white onesies will always be a classic and timeless look. Hats, headbands and swaddle blankets make an adorable addition to any photo. We can always take a few portraits with the classic hospital blanket, and also some with your personal items.

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a TON of gear and gadgets that co-exist with babies. You’re bound to accumulate items in your temporary hospital home that may seem to fill the room. Don’t panic- We’re accustomed to working in both small and large spaces, so you can expect for Natalie to shift personal belongings. Her priority is to create beautiful hospital memories without distracting elements. Rest assured, the focus will be on your new family!

Toiletries. There’s convenient shower access in your postpartum room at Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital, so bring something that routinely makes you feel like YOU (i.e. Your favorite shampoo for your first shower post delivery). That shower makes you feel human again!

Slippers. You’ll want to walk around your room to stretch your legs a bit, or walk down the hall to visit the nursery and get a bathing tutorial from one of the veteran hospital nurses.

Snacks. Sometimes the ‘hangry’ doesn’t hit you until it’s too late. Don’t underestimate the caloric demands of breastfeeding and sleep deprivation during hospital kitchen after-hours.

Nipple butter. For first time mamas, the first few attempts are a foreign feeling and often leave you feeling a bit raw. There’s nothing like those gel soothie pads and quality cream that help ease the early discomfort. Just keepin’ it real.

Underwear. Just in case, pack some extra. Save your fancy ones for another occasion, because you’ll likely want a looser fit style that you should expect to toss out. Otherwise, see if you can score the mesh boyshort style from the hospital- they’re the best and super comfy!

Your favorite images printed on the finest photographic paper or hand stitched into a beautiful keepsake is the perfect way to preserve your memories and easily look back at your portraits years down the road.

Between exhaustion, pain, visitors, and the constant stream of nurses and doctors, the first couple of days in the hospital are usually a blur, but they are also some of the most amazing moments with your new baby. You have waited 40 long weeks to meet your baby and once they are finally here, you want to soak up every amazing detail. Booking a Fresh 48 allows you to relax knowing that all of these details will be captured for you. From the way their ears are still folded to all the way to their wrinkly toes, everything will be documented and preserved for a lifetime.

Watching your children meet their little brother or sister for the first time is such an amazing experience! You have probably thought about this moment for months, prepped big brother/sister for her new role with books and toys, and then you hold your breath when they walk into the hospital room. Of course you hope they immediately embrace the new baby with sweet kisses and snuggles and we have to say, most of the time it is truly that adorable! There are always some funny moments as well, and Natalie will be there to capture it all. Booking with us ensures that you can choose the timing of the session to accommodate when siblings arrive as well as a relaxed time frame of 30 minutes to 1 hour, which is never guaranteed with in-hospital photographers.

By hiring a professional, you are not only hiring someone with the best photography equipment, you are also hiring someone knowledgeable in lighting, posing, and editing. Hospitals have some of the worst lighting (yellow florescent lights), but Natalie can work in any lighting scenario while making sure your family is lit and positioned in the most flattering way possible. We also carefully edit each photo so that everyone looks their best.

Having a baby is a life-changing event and it takes time to adjust to your new normal. The first couple of days are full of “firsts” with your baby, and we want you to enjoy every one without worrying about photos. We want our clients to really live in the moment instead of capturing it with their cell phones. These moments are fleeting, so soak them up! Some of Natalie’s favorite moments during a session are when she’s taking photos of Dad with his brand new baby because it always elicits a big “awwww” from Mom. She is able to stand back and truly be in the moment and realize that her husband is now a dad (or now a seasoned dad), and she falls in love all over again. You have just welcomed a new member into your family and we want you to be able to live in the moment, because these are some of the best moments in life!

The newborn stage is so fleeting ,and the time in the hospital goes by in the blink of an eye. Your baby will change a lot during the first few days and even in the first few hours of life. They will never be this squishy and new again! Most clients return for a newborn session 7-14 days later and always say their babies have already changed so much. Capture every single delicious detail so you can look back and remember the feeling of that soft skin and the smell of their fuzzy head.

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