Caps & College T’s: A New Twist on Traditional Senior Photogragraphy

Traditional Senior Photogragraphy

Caps & College T’s: A New Twist on Traditional Senior Photogragraphy

What Makes Good Senior Photography?

ears down the road, you are going to look back on this special and fleeting time of your life and reminisce about all you were going through. Good senior photography will capture this time in your life, and showcase your personality, your accomplishments, and your future hopes and dreams. And make great gifts for family members that cannot attend your graduation!

Portraits of you at your favorite after-class hangout, standing in front of your graduation stage, or wearing a shirt with the college logo you’ll soon represent is a way to showcase your anticipation and excitement for what life has in store for you after your senior year of high school. The only sure way to capture what is most important to your senior moments is to book a senior photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography.

How Should I Pose for Senior Photography?

The most important thing about getting the perfect pose for your senior photography is to relax and be yourself! Natural smiles and a relaxed stature with good posture will always produce good results for your senior photography portraits and these come easier when you’re comfortable and having a good time. When you work with Natalie Roberson Photography, you’ll be in constant communication with your photographer during your session about the look you’re trying to go for – they’ll use their skills and expertise to help you achieve it. If you’re wearing your new college t-shirt with your future school’s mascot and want to pose just like it, tell your photographer and they’ll help you achieve your pose without appearing cheesy. Remember, if you’re being guided to lean a shoulder forward or bend your knee a certain way, it’s going to feel much more dramatic than it looks on camera, so trust the experts for your senior photography!

Senior Photography is a Great Way to Capture this Important Time in Your Life

Whether you’re a high school or college senior, you’ve gone through so much in your academic career to become the person you are today. Many see their senior photography portraits as a time capsule holding some of the best memories of their lives. Years down the road, you’ll reminisce each time you see these photos capturing your accomplishments and the time before your life moved into a new phase. Your senior year is an important milestone in your life and there’s no better way to mark this memory than with senior photography from Natalie Roberson Photography.

What Should I Wear for Senior Photography?

First and foremost, wear clothing that complements your skin tone and that you feel comfortable in for your senior photography session. If you can’t relax in your outfit, then your expressions and posture may suffer and that will reflect in your photos. Bring three combinations of outfits such as a dressy outfit, a casual outfit (a sweatshirt for your future college perhaps), and something related to your interests like your letterman jacket or band instrument. It’s best to bring a couple extra items and your photographer will be able to help you narrow down what will look good for your senior photography portraits. Check out our gallery of past seniors that loved how they looked and felt in their portraits.

Caps and T-shirt Sessions are Great for Both High School and College Seniors

Who says you can only wear your graduation cap and gown at graduation? Get creative with your senior photography and bring them to your session. The team at Natalie Roberson Photography can help create edgy and sophisticated portraits or pose you in the classic academic stance so you can share them with your graduation announcements.

While the cap and gown are the traditional choice for senior photography, think about wearing a t-shirt from your future university with a pair of casual jeans for a more laid back image. If you want your photos to say “I’m ready for anything!” then tell your photographer and they’ll make sure your senior photography conveys that message with the confidence of a graduating senior.

Natalie Roberson Photography Offers Creative Ideas for your Senior Photography!

With a multitude of options for settings, poses, props, backdrops, and photo enhancements, Natalie Roberson Photography is the best choice for your high school or college senior photography. Offering the traditional cap and gown portraits at our studio, a casual outdoor session, or a digitally enhanced sports composite, we listen to your ideas and use our skills and expertise to develop a product worthy of this special time in your life. Call (972) 415-7644 or contact us to schedule your free consultation for your senior photography session today, before this moment passes you by!