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Best Practices for Newborn Photography

Do Hospitals Take Newborn Pictures?

Today’s digital photography makes it so easy to capture and share each precious moment with family, friends, and acquaintances. With all of the chaos and activity on this big day, most larger hospitals will offer a newborn portrait session the day after birth. The hospital will usually have a contracted photographer to offer this service, “conveniently” taking place in the mother’s room.

The hospital’s newborn photographer will spend 15-30 minutes working with whoever is in the room at the time and what you have with you for outfits, props, and toys. They’ll work as well as they can with the surroundings and whatever natural light the room is lucky enough to get. However, when it’s finished, you may not get the cherished sleeping angel photo you were hoping for! Instead, a few months before the baby is born, plan ahead for a newborn portrait session with Natalie Roberson Photography to perfectly capture the new little love in your family.

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When Should Newborn Photography be Taken?

A newborn portrait session would ideally be scheduled when the baby is about 5-10 days old. During the first two weeks, newborns aren’t as fussy and their sleep is not as easily disrupted when the photographer changes their pose. When the baby is younger than two weeks old, its body is still used to the shape of the womb and it feels most comfortable curled (perfect sleeping newborn portraits!). However, even after the first two weeks, Natalie Roberson Photography can capture amazing portraits of your newborn.

How Should you Pose Your Baby for a Newborn Portrait Session?

Most importantly, any pose or props used should never endanger the baby’s safety during a newborn portrait session. Since their bodies aren’t developed yet, they cannot support themselves. Any pose must fully protect their head and avoid any strain on their joints. Relying on a trained newborn photography expert like Natalie Roberson is highly recommended for maneuvering the baby from one adorable position to the next.


Is There a Good Time of Day for Newborn Portrait Sessions?

The best time of day for your newborn portrait session is whenever your baby is the happiest! This could be mornings, afternoons, or whenever the baby’s belly is full. Some newborns prefer to be swaddled whenever they sleep, while others are perfectly content on any soft blanket. Whatever baby prefers, you’ll want to remember it years down the road. Natalie Roberson Photography can create beautiful pieces of art highlighting those special memories.

What If My Baby is Fussy During Newborn Portrait Sessions?

In the first few weeks, newborns can be unpredictable and new parents are often still trying to figure out what keeps their baby happy. Sometimes if the parents are frustrated, their baby can become upset also, so patience and a relaxed mentality will help. Parents should bring a full diaper bag and be prepared for feeding time during their newborn portrait session.


Natalie Roberson is an experienced newborn photographer and she has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you calm your fussy little one during your newborn portrait session. The studio is set at a comfortable temperature between 80 and 85 degrees and high quality, soft blankets are not only comforting but look fantastic in photos! This fussy time can be used to capture a few close-ups or family photos while the baby is being held and soothed by Mom and Dad.

Are There any Covid Protocols to Consider for a Newborn Photography Session?

The safety of you and your newborn are of the highest priority during your newborn portrait session. Protocols are in place at Natalie Roberson Photography, like spacing out newborn portrait sessions for proper cleaning and sanitizing, and scheduling consultation sessions via Zoom to help reduce the spread of disease. All associates monitor their temperature daily, conduct their sessions fully masked, wear clean clothes and gloves, and wash their hands frequently. Everyone involved, photographers, staff, and clients, are encouraged to reschedule appointments when not feeling well.

Natalie Roberson newborn photography

Why Natalie Roberson Photography is a Great Choice for Newborn Photography

Natalie Roberson has been through extensive training, college courses, workshops, and mentorships followed by years of perfecting her newborn photography skills and techniques. She believes the birth of your child is a defining moment for your family and she is honored to help you capture and preserve these special early memories. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography for a free consultation to see how her years of experience can create those treasured newborn portraits that will decorate your home for years to come.