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Family Photography in Propser, TX

Why is Family Photography Important?

Family photography in Prosper, TX is a great way to capture joyful family gatherings or special occasions in your life, so in the future you will be able to look back and remember these treasured moments. Mark the addition of a new family member, like a spouse or grandchild, with a relaxed and fun family photography session. Families with young children often schedule family photography sessions 1-2 times a year to capture each growth spurt and their kids’ constantly changing personalities. Trust the nationally recognized professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography for your family photography in Prosper, TX so you can look back on the moments that will warm your heart for a lifetime.

What does a Family Photographer do?

Family Photography

Any photographer can take pictures of a group of people. However, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than an award-winning professional to properly capture your family’s dynamics and individual personalities. Your family photography in Prosper, TX shouldn’t have to follow a strict schedule, but a little forethought and organization will go a long way. Natalie Roberson Photography knows that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so we can help you prepare to be in the spotlight. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can show you how we can create not only great photos for your family, but also a memorable and enjoyable family outing.

What is a Good Location for Family Photography in Prosper, TX?

If you’re lucky enough to call Prosper your home, then you already know about some of the great outdoor parks that are perfect for family photography in Prosper, TX. If you’re partial to an outdoor setting, Frontier Park has several options for your family’s action shots: at the Fishing Pond, the Windmill Playground, or the splash pad in the summer.

Cedar Grove Park has pristine wooded walking trails frequently visited by the local wildlife and perfect for that lush green summer backdrop or vibrant autumn colors as the leaves begin to change.

For families looking for rustic Texas charm, Silo Park is a great outdoor location where your photos will have the iconic farming silos as your backdrop.

If you love the city’s annual festivities, be sure to coordinate with the dates of the annual Christmas festival, Fourth of July event, or the Founder Fest in May that celebrates Prosper’s history, people, music, and local artists.

If your family is limited on your scheduling and cannot negotiate around unpredictable weather, the Natalie Roberson Photography studio is always available to offer numerous high quality scenic backdrops or more uniform tones for formal family portraits.

Natalie Roberson family photography

How Should a Family Pose for Portraits?

The key to a great family photography in Prosper, TX is getting everyone to pose in the most complementary manner for the style of photos you’re trying to achieve. Natalie Roberson is well-known for her artistic eye and ability to pose each family member in the most flattering manner. She’ll effortlessly direct a body shift or a head tilt to best highlight your smiles and faces. Poses with family members of all heights can create an artistically dynamic photo with some seated and some standing or leaning against a prop. Outdoor family photography in Prosper, TX involves just as much planning and posing, however with Natalie Roberson Photography, you’ll feel like it’s a normal family outing. You can have fun with wide shots, closeups, photos playing with foreground and background depth, and some as you’re relaxing with each other on a bench or walking along a trail.

What Should We Wear for Our Family Photography Session in Prosper, TX?

Family Photography

While each of you should wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, there are a few guidelines to consider for family photography in Prosper, TX. Dress in solid colors appropriate for the weather that do not have any busy patterns. Avoid large, chunky jewelry because it can be distracting. Above all, go for your favorite primary color – whatever looks best on you!

We recommend bringing a few wardrobe changes that complement each other. Men should wear a dress shirt and bring a dinner jacket and tie. Ladies should wear a dress shirt and bring a camisole and an accent jacket or scarf. Don’t forget to check for missing buttons, wayward bra straps, and makeup smudges on the collar. Check out our family photography gallery to see what other families have done!


How Can I Get My Kids to Behave for a Family Photography Session?

At Natalie Roberson Photography, we know that there is no magical pose or camera lens that will guarantee your children will be on their best behavior for your entire family photography session. However, for a positive start, make sure the little bellies are full before you head out. Bring some dry snacks and a change of clothes just in case there is a messy spill. Bring some toys or a tablet to help distract or provide a reward for their good behavior and excellent smiles!

Natalie Roberson in an Expert in Family Photography in Prosper, TX

For your treasured family photos, you want the experts in family photography in Prosper, TX behind the camera. Natalie Roberson Photography captures your family and your love for each other in each photograph. Be sure to document the progression of your children’s ever-changing faces and mark special occasions with photos and portraits. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography to schedule your family photography in Prosper, TX today!