Surprise Valentine’s Day Engagements

Valentine's Day engagements

Surprise Valentine’s Day Engagements

How do you Propose on Valentine’s Day?

A Valentine’s Day engagement is an event you both will cherish for the rest of your lives. A surprise engagement can be done in so many different ways, but is perfected by choosing what best suits your personalities and your love for each other. Go traditional and say it with sweets like conversation hearts, a heart shaped cookie, or cupcake, but be sure to have the ring ready as she reads it and looks up at you! Go retro and recreate your first date and replace your first kiss with the ring. You can create a scavenger hunt or romantic trail that leads her to you dressed in your best and illuminated by candlelight. Or, a new Valentine’s Day engagement trend gaining traction is breakfast proposals. While she might expect a dinner proposal, a luxury brunch or balcony breakfast will give you both the entire day to bask in the surprise engagement bliss! Be sure to make restaurant reservations well in advance because restaurants fill up fast during this time of year. Whatever path you decide is right for you, don’t forget to book an engagement photographer to help you capture that special moment when she realizes what’s happening!

Should you have a Photographer for a Surprise Engagement?

Surprise engagements are a memory worth reliving and sharing with others whenever you tell your story, and it is nearly impossible to properly propose and take pictures at the same time! An engagement photographer has the unparalleled experience to help you plan the perfect proposal and perfectly capture every moment during the event. You’ll feel the butterflies in your stomach and have a smile on your face whenever you look at your engagement photos remembering that special moment.

Valentine's Day engagements

How to Plan Photography for a Surprise Valentine’s Day Engagement

Planning a Valentine’s Day engagement can get complicated especially when adding the element of surprise into the mix. Start planning early, making reservations (if needed) and get help! Chances are, putting so much effort into the proposal, you’ll want an engagement photographer to capture the moment. Your photographer will set up a consultation with you to discuss the best way to bring your surprise engagement to life and how they will fit into the mix. Your engagement photographer can pretend to be a wildlife enthusiast on the same leisurely walk, or just another tourist with a camera or completely hidden from your view until the big moment. You will need to discuss the details and make a general game plan ahead of time. But be open to changes in your plans because remember, she has no idea what’s about to happen!

How do you Shoot a Surprise Engagement?

The best surprise engagement photos will tell the couple’s love story. As you develop a plan with your engagement photographer for your surprise Valentine’s Day engagement, you might do a walkthrough at the proposal spot. While you might not know where the best light is, where to kneel for the big question or the best colors to wear for the event, your engagement photographer is armed with years of experience and the best advice for all of your questions. Most likely, your photographer won’t be close enough to hear the lead up to the big question, so it’s best to set up a signal ahead of time, like giving her a big hug or raising your glass to toast will send an alert for the camera to focus and click away! Bonus tip: try to set time aside for a mini engagement session right after the main event.

Valentine's Day engagements

Is an Engagement Photographer worth it?

Your engagement is a big event filled with a whirlwind of planning and emotions. Unfortunately, some get so overwhelmed during the moment, they can’t remember all of the details later on! When you hire an engagement photographer for your Valentine’s Day engagement, you’re not just getting photographs, you’re getting the experience of hundreds of engagement do’s and don’ts and a team of support helping you reach the big moment in the most perfect way possible. In a survey of over 1,000 people, the respondents said capturing the surprise engagement with photography was more important to them than finding the perfect ring, showing that couples value the experience more than material things. By documenting the moment, down the road you’ll be able to relive the excited moments of falling in love through your photos.

Natalie Roberson Photography is an Experienced Surprise Engagement Photographer!

With years of experience in surprise engagement photography, Natalie Roberson Photography can help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day engagement! Don’t leave this special occasion to an amateur and reserve your free consultation today. Call 972-415-7644 or book online and capture the moments that tell the beginning of your lives together with beautiful photographs!