New Year’s Eve Event Photography 

New Year’s Eve Event Photography

New Year’s Eve Event Photography 

How do you get good event photography for a New Year’s Eve party?

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and what better way to remember a great time with family and friends than with professional event photography! At an event like a New Year’s Eve party, the venue is decorated, guests are dressed up and surrounded by good cheer, making for the perfect setting for photos.

Start taking photos as guests are arriving to your New Year’s Eve party, as they are making introductions and scoping out the venue and their surroundings. Another tactic is to start event photography after guests have had a few drinks and started to have fun. At this point, guests begin to relax and authentic smiles come easier in front of the camera. Capturing candid and dynamic moments are the best way to bring the party to life in the photographs. Snapshots of group dances or the reaction after the punchline of a joke will make for treasured photos. The best event photography makes everyone feel like they are in the front row and the star of the party.

New Year’s Eve party photography
How do you take Great Photos at a Night Party?

The best part of New Year’s Eve decorations for a photographer, is that there are usually lots of lights, which is ideal for good event photography. Guests should pose with their best features being highlighted for the best photos at a night party. While an iPhone flash is great for a posed group photo, a professional photographer will be able to provide better event photography using the available light sources and their own equipment. After the main event of the party, the guests will want to get a picture – find a well lit area that can fit a large group of people.

New Year’s Eve party photographyHow do you pose for New Year’s Eve party photography?

Posing at a New Year’s Eve party is not required, and dynamic or candid event photography both result in great shots. Capturing a natural, laughing smile can tell the story of the evening more than a stiff head shot. Timing a group shot is just as important as posing. The group shot should include the late comers, ideally after everyone has had a drink and before people start leaving. A professional photographer like Natalie Roberson can quickly pose everyone and show everyone looking relaxed and having a good time.


How do you Photograph New Year’s Eve Fireworks?

Everyone loves a New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks! There is no bigger or better way to ring in the New Year than capturing a toast or a warm embrace with the sky lit up in the background. This type of event photography can be tricky to capture for an amateur because it is essential to use a tripod and setting a long exposure time correctly. Depending how far away the fireworks show is, focus your camera on the lights in the background before they start to set the ISO to 100-200 for saturated colors and less noise. A good starting point for shutter speed is 5 seconds, but be ready to adjust it and the exposure for the finale as the bursts come more frequently. Turn off the autofocus and long exposure noise reduction so your camera doesn’t try to fix your images as you go and you get more shots at the end of the night. Professional event photographers know all of the tricks to get the best New Year’s Eve firework photos, so leave it to the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography!

Why is Event Photography Important?

Event photography is essential for creating lasting memories of an important celebration. A New Year’s Eve party is a meaningful event, a chance for everyone’s hopes and dreams for the New Year to be honored through beautiful portraits. Don’t charge your guests with the responsibility of taking their own New Year’s Eve selfies. Instead, enlist the help of professionals for your event photography and walk away with photos everyone will love and cherish forever.New Year’s Eve party

Natalie Roberson Photography is Experienced in Event Photography!

Kick off the New Year and this new chapter in your life with Natalie Roberson Photography! You’ll be able to enjoy your event knowing the event photography will be of the highest quality and you can create stunning portraits from them. Contact us today and let us ring in the New Year with you!