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Summer Engagement Photography Tips

How soon after Getting Engaged Should you Take Engagement Pictures?

Getting engaged is a magical and exciting time for any couple and right now is the time to be looking for summer photography tips for your engagement photography session. At Natalie Roberson Photography, we recommend documenting this special time in your life with engagement photography one to two months after your proposal. Engagement photography is a timeless way to remember your engagement and is often useful for “save the date” cards and artwork in your home after the wedding. You can also use your engagement photos on the wedding invitations, in newspaper announcements, or in a digital slideshow at your wedding. Couples and guests agree the best engagement photography shots aren’t the posed ones, but the favorites are the candidly sincere romantic shots.

What is the Best Time of Day to Take Summer Engagement Photos?

Summer engagement photography can be gorgeous at any time of the day, but many professional photographers will offer this summer photography tip: take photos an hour or so before sunset, during the time known as the “golden hour”. The magnificent, brilliant colors of this time of the day make for superb shots when the joyous couple is at their best. Another summertime photography tip is to take advantage of late summer sunsets, around 8-9pm, giving sufficient time for the working couples to get ready for their photoshoot and still catch the best natural light of day for an amazing engagement photography session.


How Should you Pose for Engagement Photos in the Sun?

Posing for sunny summertime engagement photographs can be warm to say the least, but Natalie Roberson Photography has some summer photography tips that can result in elegant and stylishly sophisticated artwork. Choosing the right scenery that harmonizes with skin tones and the natural setting is another important tip to use to your advantage in every engagement photography session. Poses that bring a couple’s dynamic into focus using the bright summer sun’s glowing light is essential. This is what makes summer engagement photography stunningly breath-taking! Experienced photographers use the summer sun to show a couple’s true personality in a natural setting as they enjoy a private joke or remember their first date while they pose.

How do you Stay Cool During a Summer Engagement Photography Session?


One of our favorite summer photography tips for staying cool in the hot summer sun is wearing light and breathable fabrics, such as long, flowy dresses that can blow in the breeze. Bringing a fan is often a big help for beating the summer heat. Scheduling your engagement photography session near a place where some of the photos can be taken inside in the air-conditioning is a good idea, and bringing a change of clothes for some shots in different clothes will help keep you and your partner looking fresh and give some of your engagement photography shots a different dynamic.

What Should I Wear for Summer Engagement Photos?

A favorite style among our brides-to-be are long flowy dresses that complement any body type and a welcoming accent for any summertime engagement photography session. Soft, neutral colors like the blues and pinks, cremes, or whites are always complementary with summertime engagement photography. Though the summer is hot, men should stay away from T-shirts and try dressing it up a bit. As a summer photography tip for engagement photo sessions, Natalie Roberson Photography recommends a blazer or sports jacket to pair with nice jeans or slacks. Grays and navy or darker blues will go well with most women’s clothing. Bring an extra set of clothes, so different settings of the session will have some additional colors and add a complement to your engagement photography shots.

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

Natalie Roberson Photography can Offer Great Summer Photography Tips.

Natalie Roberson is a consummate professional who will always offer courteous, intelligent, stylish, and worthwhile ideas for your summer engagement photography. Her well-thought-out, experienced summer photography tips on the do’s and don’ts for your engagement photography sessions, including the timing of your pictures, posing, what to wear, and staying cool are all part of her mix of experience and talent that makes this exciting time memorable and fun. After you’ve said “yes!” and the butterflies have settled, call Natalie Roberson Photography at (972) 415-7644 to schedule your engagement photography session to capture this special moment for a lifetime.