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Why Real Estate Agents Should Do More Videos

How does real estate video help sell your property?

With over a billion hours of video watched on YouTube each day, real estate video is a powerful medium. Real estate photography, and video especially, is an important marketing tool that reaches far beyond other forms of real estate advertising. In fact, studies have shown that real estate video marketers receive 66% more qualified leads per year. Trends have shown that potential home buyers want to see more videos rather than static pictures. Moreover, real estate videos are also a cost-effective way to introduce agents to the viewer. Adding an agent introduction to your real estate videos gives a generic video a personal touch highlighting the agent’s personality and approachability.

What should be included in a real estate video?

Real estate video easily brings to life the dynamics of each home listing and the surrounding neighborhoods. The team at Natalie Roberson Photography creates professionally designed videos that are easy to use and share and convey what’s unique about each property. Their real estate videography formats allow agents to effortlessly share the assets of each listed property across all their virtual platforms. In addition, real estate videos build trust by conveying current information that addresses buyers’ concerns and provides the listing agent’s name and contact information.

How do you do a real estate video walkthrough?

A real estate video sets the tone for selling your listings and presents a real estate agency as a technologically savvy company. The knowledgeable and expert staff at Natalie Roberson Photography creates your real estate video by highlighting the top selling facts and assets of each home. For instance, if a home has a great sunset view, visuals of sunsets will be highlighted in the first 7-10 seconds of the real estate video. The video will showcase each home’s best qualities, such as a beautiful fireplace with a gorgeous fire blazing. Real estate videography and photography will also showcase agents’ names, faces, and personalities, always finishing each video with a strong call to action.

Do videos help sell houses?

Studies show that about 85% of homeowners indicate that they are more likely to purchase a home from a website that contains videography than those without. Research also shows real estate video obtains four times the searches, and when placed into emails, the click-through rates double. As a result of the pandemic, some people are more hesitant to initiate face-to-face contact with new real estate agents. In this environment, video is the next best thing to show a property. Real estate videos allow buyers to gain valuable information about real estate properties while saving time and money for all involved.

Why should agents do more real estate videos?

Real estate agents should give serious consideration to real estate videos. Currently, at least 85% of all real estate content is posted in video form; visitors to any website tend to stay longer when at least one video is present. Another compelling fact: viewers remember 95% of a video message, but only 10% of the text they read online. This staggering statistic alone makes real estate video with Natalie Roberson Photography an invaluable and cost-effective investment for any real estate listing.

Natalie Roberson is a great real estate videographer

Viewers acquire a vivid sense of properties and their neighborhoods through a real estate video by Natalie Roberson Photography. The award-winning team at Natalie Roberson Photography is the most sought-after videographer in Celina, McKinney, Frisco, and Prosper, TX. Their modern equipment produces video with quality that surpasses non-professional camerawork. Providing high-quality real estate videos is a cost-effective way to provide information and sell properties to clients via social media and other platforms. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today to learn more about real estate video and photography today at (972) 415-7644.