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Tips for Great Back to School Pictures

How can I make my school picture look good?

It’s back-to-school season, and that means books, pencils, notebooks, lunch money, and school photography! Making school pictures look great is what the team at Natalie Roberson Photography is all about. Since many people shy away from school pictures, thinking that they won’t take a good photo, here are a few tips that can help each school photo look great – The experienced and efficient team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to fill the frame of the photo!

The Natalie Roberson Photography team professionally poses each student, kindly guiding them with where to put their hands and making them feel relaxed and comfortable about their school photography. In addition, Natalie Roberson Photography can take that stunning senior class shot from overhead, and organize teacher and principal headshots. Don’t forget your club and team sports photography – these are services that Natalie Roberson Photography specializes in!

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What’s the best color to wear for school pictures?

The three main primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, are intertwined with the basics of elementary education, so incorporating these into the school photography is a good option for younger students. Bold solid colors that bring together your student’s backpack and background colors will also create a terrific snapshot for student yearbook photography. Vibrant colors work great for most students, but some teenagers and staff opt for darker solid colors to create more of a serious and confident look for their school photography. Above all, be sure to avoid distracting patterns and prints!

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Do you have to smile for school pictures?

If you are one that normally smiles a lot, it will come naturally for school photography. If you are a smiley person, showing your teeth when you smile can help to brighten up your face in your school picture. But if you’re not that type of person, trying to smile during your school photography session can have a detrimental effect. Unfortunately, a forced smile does not look genuine or natural. The team at Natalie Roberson Photography expertly assists each student or school staff member with finding their smile or a sophisticated “non-smile,” so everyone looks their best for their school pictures.

Why do they make you tilt your head for school pictures?

When you tilt your head in a school picture, like an old-fashioned gesture signaling intent listening, it softens unappealing shadows on your face. It extends the jawline and slims down the face. The experienced team at Natalie Roberson Photography uses lighting and soft movements to capture and accentuate the best features of students and staff alike. Whether they are shooting individual headshots, groups and clubs, sports photography or other functions for school photography, they create vibrant, timeless photos.

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How should I stand to pose for school pictures?

Standing poses in school yearbook photography open up new options for school photography. Try standing with one hip and shoulder turned back a bit. This makes the hips and stomach look slimmer for a more flattering pose. The shoulders automatically go up and back in this pose, but not so far back to create an overpowering or over-confident look. The arms and legs should be separate entities from the rest of your body. Placing a foot forward, showing one leg in front of the other with arms at slightly different angles, shows strength, energy and control in your school pictures.

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Natalie Roberson is experienced in school photography and all types of photography.

Natalie Roberson Photography is the most sought after family-owned school photographer in McKinney, Celina, Frisco, Prosper, and beyond. Their expert team handles it all, from individual student and staff yearbook photography, to clubs, groups, and sports photography, to coordinating all the communications. It’s no wonder they are considered the best choice for all your school photography needs. Now is the time to contact the courteous team at Natalie Roberson Photography to set up your back to school pictures. Call (972) 591-2453 or email us at