How to Get Great Photos of your Kids’ Halloween Costumes

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How to Get Great Photos of your Kids’ Halloween Costumes

How do you Take Good Pictures of Halloween?

You don’t have to be dressed like a rocket scientist to snap some memorable pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes! While scheduling a Halloween costume photoshoot for your kids the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography will be the best way to capture the holiday magic, here are some of our favorite tips for the busy parent on Trick or Treat night.

Kids photography can be tricky when they’re in their Halloween costumes, but we recommend not standing too far back. Focus the photo frame on your kids, simplify the backdrop, and leave the candy bag out. Experiment with different angles and take some close-up shots of their favorite details like the jewels in her tiara or his sideways glance through a ninja mask. Encourage them to practice their character poses, actions, and impersonations both with and without their masks on. This will boost their confidence and create a magical and memorable experience for everyone!

Kids in Halloween Costumes

Where can I take Halloween pictures?

We recommend taking a few photos of your kids selecting their Halloween costumes, fabric, props, and other festive decorations at the store. Those looks of “endless possibilities” and excitement as they try out different personas are a great way to start the Halloween season. Costume fittings leading up to the big night make for fun moments to capture. It’s not a bad idea to schedule an afternoon costume trial run for a kids photography session so they can get dressed up without the deadline of somewhere to be.

Start a tradition of taking Halloween costume pictures in a favortie location each year. Or with just a little creativity, find the perfect kids photography backdrop for this year’s costume. Take “Elsa” to the local ice-skating rink for some rosy cheek twirls or the Paw Patrol crew to the fire station or stand in front of a road crew’s machinery. Spooky Halloween costumes photograph well in front of any mixture of trees, ivy, bushes or on the front steps of your home. Try to avoid taking photos in their toy filled bedrooms or in the shoe cluttered foyer as background objects may distract from the stars of the photos.

Kids in Halloween costumes

What is the Best Lighting Technique for Nighttime Photos?

Natural sunlight is the easiest to use and the twilight hour creates magnificent lighting for kids photography. Schedule your Halloween costume “trial run” and photoshoot during the daylight hours or be sure to snap some pictures before it gets dark on Halloween night. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the best camera techniques. Research and test out your camera’s nighttime settings ahead of time. We recommend avoiding using a flash in the dark, which can lead to red-eye and washed-out faces. On the big night, survey your walk and be ready with your camera as they walk through highlighted areas like an illuminated porch, a lighted walkway, or under a streetlight.

If you’re carrying around a flashlight, use that to light your photos too. Shining a flashlight from the side or from the ground can really highlight their Halloween costumes and create spooky shadowed contours. Don’t forget to try the black and white filter on your camera to take advantage of the light warmth.

Kid Wearing Halloween Costume

What is the Best Angle for Photographing Kids in their Halloween Costumes?

We recommend testing out different angles while photographing your kids’ Halloween costumes. However, steer clear of wide-angle shots because the purpose of these photos is to document the details of their Halloween costumes, not the big picture. In order to avoid the big head and small body photos, be sure to get down on their level and be prepared to crouch down with a steady hand for the best photos.

How to Get Squirmy Kids to Stand Still and Pose for a Halloween Photo!

The truth is, there is no magic costume or Halloween candy that can get your kids to stand still for any photograph. Allot some extra time for your kids’ photography session and let them impersonate the character they’re dressed as. Ask them to quote their character and pose like them for a photo. Create a mock situation and ask them what their character would do.

Kid in Halloween Costume

Candid shots of laughs and action shots of twirling, growling, jumping and Superman poses are always Halloween kids photography favorites! As they project their imaginations, their personalities will show through. After the initial Halloween excitement is released, they might even reward you with a few calm minutes of standing or sitting still for some nice smiling photos in their Halloween costumes!

Natalie Roberson Can Help with Children’s Photography of all kinds!

Capturing the perfect Halloween costume photos can sometimes push the limits of your kids’ photography patience. Remember that you and your kids will look back on these pictures someday and relive the magic and imagination of the season. Natalie Roberson Photography has years and years of experience of photographing kids and capturing magic of all kinds. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography at (972) 415-7644 today and schedule a Halloween costume portrait session today!