Tips for End of Summer Photography from Natalie Roberson

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Tips for End of Summer Photography from Natalie Roberson

The last days of summer are bittersweet knowing that cooler weather and the more hectic holiday season are just around the corner. Natalie Roberson Photography offers some tips to capture the final moments of summer fun with great end-of-summer photography.


What Makes the End of Summer a Great Time for Photography?

You know it’s happening when the temperature dips for the first time and you start to see a few brown leaves on the ground. Your inbox is getting flooded with back-to-school and fall sports emails again. These are sure signs that summer is on its way out and fall is coming fast. The final days of summer are a rush to get in the last summer barbecues, the last pool parties, and the last family day hikes before everything changes. At Natalie Roberson Photography, we have learned from experience that the most exceptional summer photography happens in the sweet spot between summer and autumn. Why not take advantage of this fleeting time where the light is a little more golden and the smiles are a little bigger with great candid shots of the kids sharing ice cream cones at the local snack stand or dressed for changing seasons in shorts and a sweatshirt? Use our tips to make your end-of-summer family photography as sweet as summer itself.

What are Special Considerations for Photo Sessions in the Summertime?

When you see a great candid photograph, you might think that no planning or thought went into it. That could be true, but whether you are taking posed or candid summer photos, it pays to keep these special considerations in mind. The first rule of thumb for family photography in summer is to choose your time of day wisely. The summer sun casts harsh shadows and can make everyone look sweaty. Choosing a morning or early evening shoot time for your summer photography might make all the difference. The second consideration is to be mindful of your location. If you are shooting your photos near the woods, dress appropriately and bring the bug spray. If you are at a pool or lake, bring sunscreen and keep hydrated. Nothing spoils a family photography session like an uncomfortable kid. The last rule for summer photography is the most important: plan for plan B. The weather at this time of year can still be sweltering, or suddenly cool, or you could be faced with a thunderstorm. Natalie Roberson Photography recommends that you bring supplies, keep a beat on the weather, and be flexible!

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What Supplies Should you Bring for Summer Photo Sessions?

Preparing for your family photography session is a must even if it is a bit unpredictable. Will Mackenzie get stung by a yellowjacket during the shoot? Will Brody squirt ketchup on his little brother’s shirt, or will a summer storm leave you stranded under a pavilion? Either way, having the right supplies on hand is everything. Use Natalie Roberson Photography’s handy list of summer photography must-haves:

  • Drinks, snacks, cooler with ice
  • Battery operated fan
  • Change of clothes for everyone (maybe two)
  • First aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray
  • Hairbrush, mirror, deodorant, makeup bag for touch-ups
  • Towels, tissues, wipes
  • Toys and backup comfort items for little ones
  • A good attitude

Late Summer is a Great Time for Family Photography because Holiday Cards are Coming Soon!

The biggest thing to remember for your end-of-summer photography session and events is to have fun, live in the moment, and capture the smiles and the tears in equal measure. Informal photos, like the one where everyone is smiling except four-year-old Lila who is scowling because someone got dirt on her new shoes, are sometimes the ones we treasure most. And, as much as we might wish summer and childhood would last forever, they go much too quickly. And, it is never too early to start thinking about your holiday family photography. Putting a date on the calendar before the rush begins is a good way to keep ahead and lower the stress of the season. Natalie Roberson Photography is booking holiday card photo sessions now.

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Natalie Roberson can help with End of Summer Photo Sessions

Natalie Roberson is a nationally-known photographer sought after for her stunning family photography. With many years of experience capturing families in her state-of-the-art studio and on location throughout Texas, she can make your end-of-summer photography the kind you treasure for a lifetime. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography to squeeze in a session before the summer is gone.