Photography for your Pregnancy

Photography for your Pregnancy

What Pictures Should I Take During Pregnancy?

Milestone pictures are a great way to document your pregnancy. Be sure to schedule your pregnancy photography and your free consultation with Natalie Roberson Photography early in your pregnancy so you can discuss what pregnancy milestones are the most important to you. This will dictate when you should schedule your pregnancy photography session.

pregnancy photographySome popular pregnancy photography milestone pictures are:

  • The happy couple holding their first ultrasound picture for their pregnancy announcement
  • Capturing the happiness when the beginnings of mom’s belly bump appear
  • The moment when mom and dad discover the gender of their baby
  • The most popular pregnancy photography pictures are those that capture mom’s beautiful, big round belly during the third trimester

How To Pose for Pregnancy Photography

Each expectant mom-to-be has their own features that shine in pictures and are the perfect pairing to highlight with their baby bump. When you work with an experienced pregnancy photography team like Natalie Roberson Photography, they’ll easily see your best features and turn, tilt, and pose you to capture each lovely angle beautifully. Posing with your partner, older children, and even a furry companion is a great way to display your motherly love while awaiting the baby’s arrival. Each pose should accentuate the beautiful round belly and convey the emotional bond between baby and the family members in the photograph.

Is Pregnancy Photography Worth it?

Pregnancy photography is absolutely worth it because it gives you the chance to celebrate this fleeting moment of beauty, anticipation, and love. With all of the preparation and planning for the baby’s arrival, it’s important to take some time to document and celebrate this once in a lifetime experience. Pregnancy photography has the power to trigger a whirlwind of tender emotions both during the session and down the road. Your session is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful in your body and many moms say it helps them reconnect with their spouse in a deep and sentimental way. Down the road, you’ll be able to share these pictures of your little one and describe the time when their parents were excitedly awaiting their arrival.

Parents-to-be admiring their baby bump for maternity photography - Natalie Roberson Photography


How Late Is Too Late For Pregnancy Photography?

The best time to capture a big, beautiful and round baby bump is at about 27 weeks which is the beginning of the third trimester. This tends to be the most ideal time in a pregnancy because most women are glowing with happiness and not yet overcome with fatigue or discomfort. Your pregnancy photography session should be scheduled about 2 to 3 months in advance to guarantee a session time. Prints or products will need an additional 2 to 3 weeks for professional editing and production before they arrive.

Don’t Forget To Schedule Newborn Photography When the Baby Arrives!

With all the planning and preparation for the baby’s arrival, scheduling your newborn photography might seem like it can wait for later. However, when you’re scheduling your pregnancy photography, it’s also the best time to schedule your newborn photography! Newborn photography should be scheduled when the baby is 5 to 10 days old because this is when babies are still comfortable being in the cute womb shaped poses we all adore. At about 2 weeks old is when a baby’s body starts to develop and they can be more fussy and disrupted during their sleep. Fortunately, seasoned newborn photographers can still capture many special newborn poses after this time.

Photography for your Pregnancy

Natalie Roberson Photography: Experienced In All Stages Of Pregnancy Photography!

Whether you’re planning to send out surprise pregnancy announcements displaying your first ultrasound or you want that special portrait for your home showing mom and her round belly in those final happy weeks of her pregnancy, be sure to book your pregnancy photography with Natalie Roberson Photography. This expert team has decades of experience beautifully capturing that special bond expectant mothers have with their baby. Contact us today so you and your little one can one day share these tender moments that show just how much they were loved even before they arrived!