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Senior Picture Posing Ideas for Guys

If you’ve never had a professional photography session, senior pictures are an excellent opportunity to step into the spotlight to document this exciting transition in your life from adolescence to adulthood. Senior photography is the perfect time to showcase your academic, musical, and athletic accomplishments, as well as announcing the plans you have for your future.

But knowing the best way to pose for these memorable senior portraits can be stressful, especially for boys. Fortunately, the talented senior portrait photography experts at Natalie Roberson Photography can provide the guidance you need to look your best. Natural poses tend to photograph the best for boys that haven’t spent much time in front of a camera. In general, try to maintain good posture and have some fun because a natural smile always looks better than a forced expression.

How Do You Help Guys Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera For Senior Portraits?

At Natalie Roberson Photography, we know it can be uncomfortable being center stage for your senior photography. That’s why your session includes a free consultation so we can get to know you, what makes you comfortable, and how we can make your senior portraits a success. We encourage you to schedule your session in a familiar location. Or for a more private setting, choose our studio that you can visit ahead of time so you know what to expect. Practice in front of the mirror before your session to test out your smiles and poses so you have a plan and don’t feel so awkward when the camera is clicking away. Outfits that are both comfortable and make you look your best will reflect on camera in your posture and facial expressions. Natalie Roberson Photography can always offer suggestions and senior photography advice.

How do Guys Look Good in Front of the Camera During Senior Photography Sessions?

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The secret for anyone to look good in front of the camera during senior portrait photography sessions is being comfortable and confident in yourself. Natalie Roberson Photography has a few tips to help you achieve this. First, try not to overthink your poses and do what feels natural. Hold onto the edge of a chair or kick your foot back to lean against the wall just like any other day. It’s also a good idea to think about what your best features are. Do people always comment on your strong jawline, your eyes, or your strong shoulders? These are the features that will naturally be accentuated in your senior portraits and will photograph the best. Feel free to move around and have a laugh to bring out your real smiles so we can photograph your personality. And it’s okay if you mess up – there will be plenty of great shots to choose from in the end.

How do You Get Over Camera Shyness For Senior Portraits?

Feeling shy in front of the camera is very common so it’s something we’re very familiar with and we can help! Over the years, we have learned that relaxed confidence is the best tool to tackle your camera shyness. Use your consultation appointment to get to know your photographer (familiarity will help melt some of the shyness away) and what to expect. We suggest checking out examples of senior portraits, choosing images that you like and practicing some of your favorite poses in front of the mirror before your session. Knowing what to expect at your senior photography session is the best way to arrive at your session confident and relaxed.

What Should Guys Do with Their Hands for Senior Portraits?

A common concern for guys during their senior portrait photography session is the awkward placement of their hands. Try not to think about what to do with your hands too much and just let them fall naturally. Once you stop thinking about where to put them, your hands will find their appropriate place resting on your knee, in your pocket, or hanging at your side. If they’re still not finding their place, give them a purpose! Hold your sunglasses, clap them a few times, rest your head on your hand, or fix your tie.

How to Pose Guys for Senior Pictures

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Finding a perfect variety of senior picture poses for guys is a lot trickier than finding poses for girls. There are a lot of poses for girls that utilize their hair, clothing, or accessories. For guys, Natalie Roberson will guide you to find a perfect pose for you during your senior picture photoshoot. Here are some of the senior picture posing ideas for guys that will sync up with your persona and style.

Put your hands in your pockets

There are a lot of ways that you can pose with your hands in your pockets. You can put your thumbs in your back pocket while standing straight with confidence, or put both hands in your front pocket for a more composed gentleman’s style, or you can place your one hand in the front pocket and one in the back for a more styled look.

Find somewhere to sit!

Sit on the ground, a chair, or on the stairs. When sitting on the ground, relax and chill with one knee up and one leg stretched in front, leaning against the wall. Sit comfortably on the stairs by placing your legs on two different steps. Sit on the chair with your elbow on your thigh or lean forward to make a more confident look.

Natalie Roberson Photography Can Help Any Guy Feel Comfortable for Senior Portraits!

At Natalie Roberson Photography, we’ve had many years of experience helping guys feel comfortable for their senior portrait photography because we know if you’re at ease, you’ll be able to give your best for the camera. We know this is sometimes your first time in the camera’s gaze and we want you to enjoy the experience. We provide an easy going atmosphere so you can relax and have a great time. Call (972) 415-7644 or Contact us today to schedule your senior photography session!