Summer Is The Best Time For Children’s Photography

Summer Photography

Summer Is The Best Time For Children’s Photography

Why Summer Is A Great Time For Children’s Photography

Summer is one of the best times of the year for children’s photography for kids, parents, and photographers alike! Photographers love the endless array of possibilities for backdrops, from parks, festivals, splash pads, beaches, or your very own backyard. And parents love the ease of scheduling a photography session without having to worry about school or homework!

What better way to remember those carefree moments of summertime bliss and capturing how their little faces light up with wonder and excitement. With kids out of school, the days are longer and photographers have extra time to devote to children’s photography. Not sure where to start? We can’t wait to share some of our favorite ideas for those most cherished summertime photographs!

What Is The Best Time For Children’s Photography In Summer?

Mornings are a great time of the day for children’s photography. The temperatures are milder and the sun provides an excellent angle for great lighting without kids having to squint into the bright rays. Typically, younger children are also in better moods in the morning hours before they get overstimulated and worn out. Photographers also love the golden hour before sunset for children’s photography because the sun provides a softer “golden” ambience for outdoor pictures. Midday photographs can still be successful, but it’s important to snap the pictures facing away from the sun. Trying on daddy’s sunglasses or wearing mommy’s oversized beach hat are adorable ideas that can both provide cover from the sun and avoid the eye squint.

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How Do You Take Pictures In Hot Weather?

Summer is the time for cute swimsuits, bright sundresses, and fun flip flops. With the summer heat and humidity, your kids are probably obsessed with the pool, the backyard hose, slip n slides, water balloons, splash pads or going to the beach. These are perfect locations and backdrops for your “in the moment” children’s photography and water droplets can provide a dreamlike foreground element or bokeh effect. You can almost guarantee you’ll get the perfect shot as the kids show off their new swim goggles or feel the first droplets of water on their skin.

What Should Kids Wear For Children’s Photography In The Summer?

Children’s photography and summertime portraits don’t always require more formal clothing, but a little wardrobe planning can go a long way. Solid, primary-colored outfits or simple, classic patterns are ideal for children’s photography. While bold and primary colors commonly define your “summertime” photographs, they also help make the children the focus of each image. Busy patterns or big logos on clothing can be distracting and take away from the emotion or activity captured in your children’s photography.

Photography In The Summer

Creative Ideas For Children’s Photography This Summer

No matter what your children love to do during the warm summer months when they’re not in school, children’s photography is the perfect way to prevent those core memories from fading. But which activity is the best to capture? Here are some creative ideas to help you narrow down which activity is best for your kids.

  • Water Activities: These are great for action shots, but the close-up ones are worth getting too. One sibling calling to the other to jump in the pool is a classic shot, but turning to see the other’s facial reaction is priceless too. Not all the pictures have to be in the water either. Faces covered in ice cream next to the pool, or toes poking out of the sand at the beach can complement the water photos.

Water fun

  • In your own backyard: Your kids spend hours in the backyard which makes this location a worthy setting for your children’s photography session. The trampoline is great for sunset silhouette pictures or climbing around their playground equipment so your kids can demonstrate their favorite tricks. Following up these activities with some lazy, chilling out poses is also a meaningful memory. Moments where the day slows down and your kids get to lounge on the hammock or enjoy a slice of watermelon on the steps are important to capture and remember.
  • Distractions: Give your children something to do like find a ladybug, blow bubbles, water the flowers, ride their scooter, or draw a picture with some sidewalk chalk. Your photographer will be able to bring the focus and determination on their faces into a photograph, to tell the story from the perfect angle.
  • The weather: Blue skies with fluffy white clouds make a great background for any shot, but don’t cancel your children’s photography if the weather calls for rain. Warm summer rain provides a great opportunity for those rubber rain boots, an umbrella and those fun puddle splash shots. Of course, we can’t forget the orange, pink, and red sunset skies that provide our favorite soft light and beautiful backdrops.

Photography In The Summer

Natalie Roberson Is An Experienced In Children’s Photography

With school out and summer in full swing, it’s time to schedule your children’s photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography. With years of experience working with and photographing children of all ages, Natalie Roberson Photography creates a comfortable, fun and welcoming atmosphere for your little ones. Preserve these moments as vividly as the day they were taken when you book your children’s photography session. Contact us today!