Birthday and Cake Smash Photography with Tacos

First Birthday Photography Tips and Tricks – Texas Style!

Great Venues near Dallas, Texas for Children’s Birthday Parties

There are some amazing venues for children’s birthday parties in the Dallas area. These venues are flexible for children of all ages, have the incredible staff to support your party, and several different packages so you can get what you want out of your little one’s celebration. In addition, they make great settings for birthday photography. Here is a list of eight of our favorite venues near Dallas, Texas for children’s birthday parties!

  1. Play Street Museum
  2. Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  3. Spark! – For those who are unfamiliar, Spark! is a wonderful location that fosters creativity in children and supports their engagement through various forms of art.
  4. The Little Gym
  5. Kids Garden Club
  6. Pump it Up Bounce Playground
  7. Discovery Gardens
  8. Trinity Forest Adventure Park – Bonus: It’s great for the older kiddos, too!

Natalie Roberson cakesmash photography

How do you take Memorable First Birthday Photographs?

First and foremost, pick a place and a theme that fits your little one. If she loves fire trucks, incorporate reds, oranges and yellows. Then pick an outfit that is comfortable for your little one, and bonus points if it fits within the theme. Don’t be shy about asking your photographer for what you want for your first birthday photography, and be sure to communicate with them what you are looking for. They can’t deliver exactly what you want if you don’t tell them! Feel free to show them a Pinterest page of photos you love that they can recreate or glean inspiration for first birthday photography.

What we love most about first birthday photography are the candid shots between the smiling and posed pictures. Childhood is not perfect, and we love capturing the funny, awkward, silly, chaotic photos. Those are what will make you smile most when you look back on them! Kids fighting to blow out the candles? Hilarious. Wardrobe malfunction? Adorable. Tears, snot, and cake streaming down your baby’s face all together? All of this makes great memories you can save to display on their wedding day!

Natalie Roberson cakesmash photography

How do you Make a Smash Cake?

Pick your favorite cake recipe to begin. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect or gourmet– it likely won’t even end up being eaten, so don’t waste too much time, money, energy on ingredients. Your baby won’t know the difference! When it is time to decorate, once again we recommend keeping within the theme you’ve set for the day. Everything will turn out absolutely adorable and cohesive and your first birthday photography will reflect that.

We love the messy look for a smash cake, so get your icing out and coat your cake however you want. Add food coloring and mix colors together to get exactly what you want, and then add sprinkles or any other decorations you want on your baby’s cake. Don’t add anything that will inhibit his or her smashing, since that’s the point! Stay away from anything pointy (ie, crowns or even dolls) but feel free to put your baby’s favorite toy on there so long as it fits and can be wiped off or thrown in the dishwasher later. That will help engage your little one for great first birthday photography.

Natalie Roberson cakesmash photography

Why First Birthday Photoshoots are so Memorable

Eric Church says it best: “When you can, take it slow, ‘cause time sure won’t.” We want to help you slow time down with first birthday photoshoots. We know you’ll cherish first birthday photographs forever. Is there anything better than looking at generations of your family’s baby portraits? Ensure that these memories will be preserved for generations to come with first birthday photography.

Why choose Natalie Roberson Photography for your First Birthday Photographs?

Natalie has a knack for working with babies and their parents. As a momma herself, she has the experience and warmth that makes you and baby feel comfortable on the day of the shoot. As a professional, Natalie will capture the most amazing memories and in-between moments you’d miss with your own camera. Contact Natalie for more information and to set up a first birthday photography session today!