Magical Santa

What is the Magical Santa Experience?

Imagine Santa himself welcoming your children into his workshop, filled with wooden toys and beautifully decorated for Christmas. He confirms your children’s names on his nice list, asks them what they want for Christmas, shows them the North Pole on a map, and teaches them how his magic toy box works. Then jolly old Saint Nick invites your children to help paint toys and reveals the secret of how his reindeer fly. At the very end of this magical experience, Santa even shares his milk and cookies with your children and reads them “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Now imagine that this enchanting event is captured discreetly on camera by an award-winning professional photographer.

What has just been described is called the Magical Santa Experience and was painstakingly crafted by Natalie Roberson Photography with the understanding that you can best capture the magic of Christmas in children when they feel the magic of Christmas. This unique, interactive photography event takes about 45 minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime, and Santa’s Magical Gift – your takeaways from the Magical Santa Experience – will become treasured keepsakes.

Magical Santa

What is Included in Santa’s Magical Gift?

Santa’s Magical Gifts are the beautiful hand-crafted photography and audio keepsakes that you receive with the Magical Santa Experience. They include:

  • Personalized Wish Book: The leather-bound book that forever records your children’s Christmas wishes and your family elders’ words to live by. All books in the Magical Santa Experience are retouched by hand and have gold gilding on the edges of the pages.
  • AudioBook: The audiobook contains a story of Christmas similar to that experienced by your children during the Magical Santa Experience and includes pictures from the session.
  • Magic Box: The Magic Box is a high-quality wooden box filled with Santa’s Magic Reindeer Dust and a picture of Santa himself within the lid of the box. Your child will love this enchanting gift which they can set out at Christmas time every year.
  • Thank You Cards: What better way to thank friends and relatives for their gifts than with custom thank you cards from the Magical Santa Experience printed on high-quality cardstock?
  • Clue Cards: A fun new tradition and game for your family that children especially will love.

Magical Santa

How to Create Family Christmas Memories that Make Christmas More Special

There is no magic formula for making Christmas memories. Spending time with family is the only requirement, and the traditions that are observed are as unique as families themselves. But one thing is universal. Christmas is a special time, particularly during the brief period when children are young and the magic of Christmas is in their hearts. What better way to make that joy memorable than to capture it on film? But traditional photography studios that treat kids like they are a number and pose them in front of the background are not going to capture the magic of Christmas in your children. That magic can only be captured when children experience the magic, which is why Natalie Roberson Photography created the Magical Santa Experience. Every child is special to us, and our amazing Santa Claus, real-life props, and engaging storybook experience will enchant your children like it has done with so many others. The Magical Santa Experience is truly one of a kind, and after your children step into Santa’s workshop and experience the wonder of Christmas, you will take home beautiful, high-quality keepsakes that you can revisit year after year.

Santa Experience

Why Choose Natalie Roberson Photography for your Interactive Santa Experience?

The Magical Santa Experience is an extraordinary storybook experience and photography session that you can only find at Natalie Roberson Photography. Natalie and Nick’s love of children and family portraiture combined with their professional experience with theatrical photography make them uniquely qualified for the important job of capturing your children experience the magic of Christmas. Natalie and Nick carefully created the script and setting of the Magical Santa Experience with incredible attention to detail so that it is a fun, engaging, and memorable experience for your child. And the products you will receive are of the highest quality with leather binding, hand-retouched detail, and gilded edging, truly meant to last for generations. Not a detail is missed or a corner cut with the Magical Santa Experience. That is why people trust Natalie Roberson Photography with their most precious memories and come from around the country.

The Magical Santa Experience is only available at Natalie Roberson Photography, and it sells out every year, so be sure to contact Natalie Roberson Photography today to reserve your spot for this exceptional Christmas event.