Real Estate Photography

Tips for Real Estate Photography near Celina, TX

How do you Take Good Real Estate Photos?

According to a recent study, superior photos can sell a house 32% faster than average or low-quality photos. In short, blurry cell phone photos just won’t do. For real estate photography near Celina, TX, a wide-angle lens is essential for getting impressive listing photos. With a wide-angle lens, it is possible to capture an entire space in one image rather than getting only half of the room. While a really expensive camera isn’t necessary, a high-quality DSLR camera and a tripod will work wonders.

When taking the photograph, consider these things:

  • The angle – Take the photo from an angle that allows you to see every detail of the room.
  • The lighting – Make sure there is plenty of natural light and that the colors of the room are warm and vibrant.
  • The details – Try to capture the view out of each window; Use the reflection of mirrors to help if possible.

What is the Best Lens for Real Estate Photography?

For real estate photography near Celina, TX, the most important piece of gear in your bag is the wide-angle lens. This lens will allow you to cover all sorts of spaces, showing the small spaces cleanly and producing sharp images. The wide-angle lens will help capture the entire property and make the spaces feel spacious and welcoming, even if they’re on the small side. For real estate photography purposes, a wide-angle lens will produce the best results.

What are the Best Types of Real Estate Listing Photographs?

Eighty percent of homebuyers begin their house search online, so a home’s “pix appeal,” or how good its photos look online, makes real estate photography especially important. Below are some shots that real estate photography near Celina, TX should include to help the realtor sell the home.

  • 2 wide-angle shots of each bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room.
  • 1 photo of each bathroom, unless it’s big and beautiful, then more!
  • 1-3 photos of the backyard, plus more shots of unique features.
  • 1-2 shots of the exterior of the home to show its curb appeal.
  • 1 shot of each unique feature, like the laundry room, garage, or pantry.

Each property has its own unique selling points, such as a fireplace or a pool, and a real estate photograph must capture those for each home. In general, real estate photography should use as much natural lighting as possible to make rooms look bright and open. It’s best not to use the camera’s flash because it will create unattractive shadows.

What Settings Should I use for Real Estate Photography near Celina, TX?

For real estate photography in Celina, TX set your ISO and aperture to optimal settings (such as ISO 200 and F8), and then allow those settings to dictate your shutter speed. Three settings work together to create the final image: aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity, or ISO.

  • The ISO value should be kept as low as possible, starting at 200 ISO as a base and going no higher than 400 ISO.
  • Aperture is how wide your lens is open when you take the picture. The wider the opening, the lower aperture value, and the more light that is allowed to strike your sensor. A good range for aperture is between F/8 and F/11.
  • Shutter speed is how long your lens stays open to allow light to hit the camera’s sensor. There is more flexibility in the shutter speed than for ISO and aperture, which have small acceptable ranges. Try 1/60 of a second for real estate photography.

Natalie Roberson Photography Keeps Safety in Mind During a Real Estate Photo Shoot near Celina, TX

Natalie Roberson Photography keeps safety in mind for real estate photography near Celina, TX. Her photographers don’t schedule back to back clients so they have time to disinfect and clean our gear and office space after each client. Real estate photographers will wear masks and gloves upon request. Our photographers monitor their temperature and health regularly, and in-kind, clients are asked to reschedule and stay home if they are not feeling well. Social distancing requirements are met on real estate photography shoots. If at any time, someone feels like they want to reschedule their appointment at a future date when they feel safe, Natalie Roberson Photography will happily accommodate.