Best Photograph Backdrops For Family Photos In Frisco, Tx


Best Photograph Backdrops For Family Photos In Frisco, Tx

It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning your family photo shoot. There are so many components involved in planning your family photos. Trying to work around everyone’s schedule, getting coordinating outfits, and of course, finding the perfect spot to have your portraits taken. It can be difficult finding the perfect location, and a lot depends on the setting that you are looking for (casual, nature, metropolitan) as well as the time of year. If you are looking for an outdoor shoot with plenty of blooming flowers and green grass around, you will especially want to pay attention to the time frame in which you choose to have your photos taken. If you are looking for great locations for family photos in Frisco, TX then you are in luck! There are many beautiful places to have your photo shoot and many different backdrops that suit every occasion.


Central Park

There are so many beautiful, natural locations in and around Frisco that it is safe to say you may have a problem choosing just one! However, even if you do find several favorites, you will have the chance to take your photos in different spots each year. Central Park is a popular choice for family photos in Frisco, TX. Like the more famous park of the same name in New York, this beautiful Frisco park is a spacious outdoor green space that is perfect for strolling, sitting in the grass, or picnicking next to the small brook that runs through it. The park also contains an impressive public art display called Cattle Drive which would make a fun locale for a photo shoot.

Frisco Commons

Another gorgeous location to take in nature while bonding with the family is the Frisco Commons. There are so many opportunities here for finding a great spot to shoot in, or even mixing it up and taking multiple shots in different locations. From the lovely amphitheater to Hope Park and the community garden, there are many spots that could create a memorable shoot. Of if you decide that you just want to wander a bit and have a photo session that isn’t centered around a particular place, there are several nature trails to walk along and you are sure to find a lovely spot for your family portrait using nature as your backdrop.

Frisco Heritage Center

Choosing to create your family photos in Frisco, TX is a great decision because there are so many unique areas to be found within the town. One popular photo destination is the Frisco Heritage Center. This incredible historical park contains historical buildings which highlight Frisco’s colorful past. Additionally, these historical buildings provide a beautiful background for a photo session. In addition to historic homes, there is also a depot, a blacksmith’s shop, and a historic schoolhouse. You will have plenty of sets to choose from and can even do a shoot in front of each of them!

Rail District

Considering the rich history of Frisco, as it grew from a small shipping hub to one of the most desirable towns in America, the historic downtown is a great area for family photos in Frisco, TX. The Rail District is a common spot to choose for photos, and just west of the historic downtown you will find Frisco Square, a pedestrian area which contains the library and city hall.

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