Is It Too Late For My Holiday Card Photo Session?

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Is It Too Late For My Holiday Card Photo Session?

What Kind Of Pictures Do You Need For A Holiday Card?

Depending on the type of holiday photo cards you want to send, you will have some different options on the photos you need. Some families include their most recent portraits with the classic, elegant shots we’ve come to love seeing around the holidays. Other families create a collage of pictures that highlight candid moments throughout the past year. Both types of holiday photo cards are perfectly acceptable and each family can choose which type or combination is best suited for their personal holiday message to family and friends. Common group pictures include:

  • Family Photography: Gather up everyone in front of the fireplace, on the front porch, or in the backyard. Photos of parents, kids, and pets enjoying each other’s company are perfect for holiday photo cards.
  • Children’s Photography: Many families focus their holiday photo cards on their children. With a limited amount of space on these cards, the pictures of the children’s accomplishments or how much they’ve grown in the past year may take up most of the card space!
  • Couples Photography: Showcase your love for each other in your holiday card photos. Turn your photo session into a day date full of relaxation and fun. Mark a special anniversary, highlight a big event, or make a special announcement in your couples holiday photo cards.

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How Do You Take Good Pictures For Holiday Cards?

You can take good holiday card photos with the help of a few tips. First, a tripod is a photographer’s best friend. This simple tool eliminates any blurriness from movement behind the camera and gives you the option to use the timer function as well. Try to use natural light if possible by standing in a room with plenty of natural light or take your pictures outside about an hour before sunset or after sunrise. Give yourself plenty of time to capture some good holiday card photos so you can keep the mood relaxed. This will help everyone find a genuine expression and give you time to try out different poses or locations.

How Do You Pose For Christmas Cards?

Holiday portraits are the elegant choice for holiday photo cards, but sometimes these poses can reflect a stiff and forced smile. It’s becoming more common to see more candid snapshots of the family in holiday card photos. Experienced photographers help parents and children relax and enjoy each other’s company and then snap away. With some minor direction for a balanced photo or a better angle, genuine smiles are easy to get with natural poses sitting on a bench, standing next to a Christmas tree, or embracing each other. If posing for holiday card photos seems intimidating, book a family photo session with an experienced photographer like Natalie Roberson Photography and leave the posing to a professional.

How Should I Dress For Christmas Card Pictures?

The best dress code for holiday card photos should not be perfectly matching shirts and jeans, but coordinated outfits. Be sure to plan ahead so that the color schemes complement each other and don’t draw the focus to one clothing piece. If you’re having your holiday card pictures professionally taken, your photographer will be able to give you advice and help guide your clothing choices to best fit the background or theme you’re going for.

Where Can I Take Pictures For Christmas Cards?

Part of planning ahead for your holiday card photos should include finding the right background setting. The location should complement the style and color scheme of your outfits but also have sufficient natural light. Posingfor holiday card photos in front of your house that is decorated for Halloween might not work with your Christmas outfits. If you know you want your holiday photo cards to have a particular theme or colors, coordinating your background and your outfits to go with it will be a holiday hit.

When Should I Book A Holiday Card Photo Session?

With so many things to think about leading up to the holidays, take the stress of holiday card photos off your plate and book a holiday session with an experienced photographer who can guide you through choosing outfits and take the guesswork out of posing and lighting. Professional photographers have experience helping couples relax, families laugh, and children focus to get great holiday card photos. Professional photographers like Natalie Roberson Photography even offer special holiday sessions for a magical experience with Santa or in a winter wonderland.

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Natalie Roberson Is Experienced In Taking All Kinds Of Holiday Card Photos!

Natalie Roberson Photography specializes in holiday card photos for couples, families, and children that capture the spirit of the season. It’s not too late to book your holiday session at your home, favorite outdoor location, or to use festive props and backgrounds at our studio. Contact us today so that you can have plenty of holiday card photos to choose from for the perfect holiday photo cards to send to family, friends, and loved ones.