Best Places for Family Portrait Photographs near Frisco, Texas

Family Photograph

Best Places for Family Portrait Photographs near Frisco, Texas

Why Family Portrait Photographs Are Timeless Works of Art

The beauty of a photo is that it can actually freeze a moment in time. It is the closest you can reasonably get to the idea of putting a memory in a bottle to “save it for a rainy day”. Natalie Roberson gets to know each of her clients, making every one of them feel like family so that every family portrait photograph becomes a timeless work of art!

What Locations near Frisco, Texas are Best for Family Portrait Photographs?

We love finding new locations for family portrait photos. Let us know if you have places in mind that you’ve been dreaming of having photographs taken, or leave it to us to pick. Frisco’s Central Park and Frisco Commons have a beautiful backdrop in nature to frame your family. For a more historical look, Frisco Heritage Center makes for a great place for family portraits. The Heritage Center is full of stunning buildings and homes. Not only that, the blacksmith’s shop, historic schoolhouse, and depot will keep your kids entertained for your entire session. We love showing off beautiful Frisco in your photos, and they add something special to the final product.

How do you Take a Large Group Picture with Everyone in Focus?

When we take a photo of your family, we want to make sure we capture everyone’s smiling faces. We’ll adjust our camera settings accordingly and increase the aperture so the camera knows to focus on a wide space that fits your whole group. This way, no one ends up feeling upstaged or blurred, and you will be thrilled to show off your new photos.

What Should your Family Wear for Family Photographs?

These pictures are going to last a lifetime, so you want to put some thought into what you are going to wear. We recommend planning your outfits together, choosing colors that complement each other, but not matching exactly. Each member of your family is unique, so choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Think about your home decor! Which room of the house are you planning on hanging your photos in? Are there colors you’d like to bring out? Colors that may clash? Feel free to accessorize as you see fit– these are your photos and we want you to love them!

Why Choose Natalie Roberson Photography for Family Portraits

Natalie serves the Frisco, Mckinney, Prosper, and Celina area of Texas and she loves finding new and fun locations for a family photoshoot! Natalie knows how to get everyone involved, having fun, and feeling inspired. She works with families of all sizes and with kids of all ages to bring their inner joy out in a photo that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Natalie delivers far more than that. Your session will begin with a consultation to get to know you, your family, and any shots you might want Natalie to focus on or anything else you want her to know in order to capture you! From there you and your family will take turns posing as a group, in individuals, and while just hanging out together. We will capture the ten seconds your kids are getting along so you can remember them like that, every time you look at your photos. We know that rounding up everyone for a photo is no walk in the park, but your family photo shoot can be. Leave it to Natalie to handle everything from start to finish. She will leave YOU glowing, feeling pampered, and relaxed. As a mom herself, Natalie, along with her husband and chief editor Nick, knows more than anyone how difficult it can be to get out of the house with a newborn baby, but also knows how special it is to lock in those fleeting moments forever. Raising their three boys have provided Natalie and Nick with all the tools necessary to corral your children, make sure everyone is looking and smiling (no biggie, just an act of superheroism), and that you finish your session with pictures you will cherish forever.

Natalie’s warm personality, expertise in finding everyone’s best angles, and her eye for great background scenery are what sets her apart. Natalie makes each member of your family feel at ease, from your infants and toddlers to your camera-shy husband. That is no small feat! You will love looking at them on your walls, making your house a home (and making your in-laws just a little jealous when they come for the holidays)! When your photoshoot day is over, you will have the option to sit down with Natalie to create an heirloom album of all your favorite shots in a thick, durable, yet stunningly gorgeous album that will be with your family for generations. What better way to tell your family story than through timeless photos you can share with your loved ones for years and years to come.

Natalie loves when her clients come back to her for each new phase, addition, or change to the family. It is what makes her so connected and fulfilled as a photographer and she loves watching your family grow up. If you are interested in learning more about family portrait photography click here, or if you want to set up a consultation with Natalie and Nick.