Headshot Photography in Celina, TX

Updating Your Headshot Photography in Celina, TX


It’s time to update your headshot photography in Celina, TX! Read on to find out why Natalie Roberson Photography is a great local option for great-looking professional headshots!

What is Headshot Photography?

A headshot is a portrait of a person used for business marketing materials such as a business card or a website, or for professional profile images on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Actors, dancers, and performers also use headshot photography to represent themselves. Headshots usually include the subject’s head and shoulders, with a focus on the face and the subject of the headshot is usually looking directly at the camera. Natalie Roberson Photography has extensive experience with headshot photography in Celina, TX, and can create a finished look for your professional headshot.

Can a Selfie be a Headshot?

There is a time and place for selfies, and it is not your professional headshot! The backgrounds of selfies (like your bathroom mirror or your car) can be distracting, and many smartphone cameras are not up to the task of capturing professional-quality photos. Your headshot is often your first impression and you don’t want to ruin your chances with future employers or clients because of a photo that is not professional-looking. The goal of a successful headshot is that you want your talent and professionalism to shine through. Using selfies as your headshot may give the wrong impression to potential employers and clients. By contacting Natalie Roberson Photography to schedule professional headshot photography in Celina, TX, you are investing in your career.


Should you Smile in a Headshot?

The professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography recommend smiling for headshot photography if you feel comfortable doing so. There are a few advantages to smiling, including:

  • It can help you look younger
  • If your smile is genuine, it creates a connection with the viewer
  • It builds trust and shows warmth and approachability
  • A smile can make you seem easy to work with

Sometimes, there are downsides to smiling, including:

  • If your teeth are not ready for their closeup. However, your teeth can be straightened or whitened using Photoshop.
  • If you look young, a smiling shot may make you appear younger and possibly inexperienced
  • If you show a fake smile, you may appear untrustworthy. If you laugh, you will most likely portray a genuine smile
  • Your eyes may become squinty. This can be remedied by looking at the top part of the photographer’s camera or by giving a more subtle laugh instead of a big laugh.

Another option is a subtle, closed-mouth smile which can make you appear older and shows confidence and approachability. The professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography will coach you so you don’t appear blank or mean in your headshot photography in Celina, TX.

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What is the Best Color to Wear for Headshot Photography?

The best color to wear for your headshot photography session is the one you love because your comfort will translate to confidence. It’s a good idea to bring several shades of the same color so our photographers can decide based on the background and lighting which one shows up best. For instance, if you like blue, bring navy blue, light blue, and dark blue, and the experts at Natalie Roberson Photography will tell you what shade of that color looks best. In general, it’s best to stay away from pale colors or white because they can make your skin tone look paler. In contrast, rich, deep colors tend to pop on camera. Try to pick a shirt color that contrasts against your skin color, instead of one that blends into your skin.

How much does Headshot Photography in Celina, TX Cost?

At Natalie Roberson Photography, our Corporate Headshot Photography package starts at $250 for individuals. This includes pre-consultation, custom creative planning, unlimited time, unlimited background changes, unlimited wardrobe changes, and a viewing session to review your custom images. Group rates are available upon request. Digital files start at just $65 per image. Considering all that is included, this is a competitive price for headshot photography in Celina, TX!

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Why Natalie Roberson Photography is Great for Professional Headshot Photography in Celina, TX

Natalie Roberson is an award-winning photographer with ten years of experience who has gained a reputation as the most sought-after headshot photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Natalie and her staff work hard to create a special experience and her customers feel cared for throughout the process to get the best possible results. Former clients have described the superb quality of the pictures and the excellent customer service they received and have posted over 700 positive online reviews. Call Natalie Roberson Photography to make an appointment for your headshot photography session in Celina, TX today!