Update Your Headshots for the New Year!

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Update Your Headshots for the New Year!

What Makes a Good Business Headshot?

Good professional headshots are a great way to add a trustworthy business personality to your online presence. While selfies have their time and place, your business profile is not one of them. Whether you’re wearing a suit, uniform, or workout clothes in your headshot, your clothing should complement what best represents your business and services against a simple background. If your New Year’s resolutions are filling up with big events and challenging business goals, start with updating your professional headshots with the experienced team at Natalie Roberson Photography!

Good professional headshots should be an extension of your personal branding and depict the excellent skills and talents you have to offer. Smiling in your headshot has many benefits like making you look younger, easy to work with, trustworthy, and approachable. Depending on the visual message you’re trying to portray, smiling in your photographs can be beneficial and your photographer will be able to help you make that decision.

What are the Benefits of Professional Headshots?

Professional headshots are an excellent professional investment in you, your brand, and your company. In today’s world, fewer first impressions are made face to face and more business relationships are started via websites or social media posts. Your photographic images are your first and sometimes only impression for potential clients and decision makers.

Good business headshots also have many other uses. Along with the company’s website, they can also be used for company business cards, social media posts, and marketing materials. Encourage your employees to use these headshots for their professional profile photographs.Headshot

Is a Professional Headshot Worth it?

If your online footprint has been static for too long, new headshots are a great way to boost traffic on your website. A welcoming face on your landing page encourages online visits which can lead to an interview or new client. Professional headshots have been proven to increase navigation to your page or business website as well. When you or your company invests in professional headshots, your page is fourteen times more likely to be visited according to a 2016 Linkedin study. Updating with a new headshot is a refreshing way to increase the likelihood of a new connection!

What is the Best Color to Wear for Business Headshots?

For your professional headshots, choose outfits and colors that make you feel comfortable because that confidence will reflect in the images. Colors that contrast your skin will bring your headshot to life and rich, deep, primary colors like red, blue, green, and yellow have a tendency to pop in photographs. Bring a couple of backup outfits with different shades of your favorite color in case the first choice doesn’t work out. In general, avoid busy prints and stick with simple outfits accented with classic details rather than anything too distracting. Check out the Natalie Roberson Photography professional headshot gallery for examples and ideas.


Why do Professional Headshots Matter?

Professional headshots are an important investment that portrays the way you want the outside world to see you and the services you have to offer. Research published in a 2012 article in the Cognition and Emotion Journal showed that viewers decided within a tenth of a second of seeing someone’s photograph if a person is trustworthy or not. A good professional headshot is no different. With a professional headshot photographer like Natalie Roberson Photography, you’ll be able to tell your audience exactly who you are and what you do with one photograph.

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How Often Should you Update your Professional Headshot?

Typically, it’s important to update your professional headshots every two years and the start of a new year is a great time for this. Consider changing your headshot if you’ve recently had a different haircut, style, or color change, or if you’ve recently lost weight. Companies should consider updating their teams’ professional headshots before a major marketing event, convention, or rebranding campaign where you’re expecting increased online traffic. If there’s been a big influx of new personnel, consider making an onsite appointment with a mobile headshot service for the fastest turnaround.

Natalie Roberson Photography takes Great professional headshots!

This year, make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to update your professional headshots to help you increase your connections and broaden your network. Refreshing your online image is a great way to meet new clients, employers, and increase your interactions. Natalie Roberson Photography offers a wide range of services for you to update your headshots with an onsite visit from their mobile headshot service, an in-studio session, or at a location of your choice. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today for a free consultation!