Things to Do or Not Do Before a Family Photo Session

Family photos are a wonderful occasion for the family to get together and create portraits that they will remember throughout their lives and share with their loved ones and friends. However, planning for picture day can take some time and forethought, so it’s best to make a game plan prior to your photoshoot so that your day is relaxing and happy rather than stressed.

How Do I Prepare My Child For A Photoshoot?

Children aren’t always cooperative when it comes to dressing in nice clothes and sitting still for long periods, especially smaller children, so planning ahead can help avoid stress. Make sure that outfits are laid out in a safe spot the night before so you can easily find them on the day of the family photo, and plan on bringing an extra outfit or two just in case. Pack some toys for the kids or have a tablet on hand with some favorite games or reading materials so they have something to do.


How Long Should A Family Photoshoot Last?

The length of time that a photoshoot lasts depends on many factors. If you are just shooting a few pictures in various poses, your family photoshoot shouldn’t last too long, and you can plan on around an hour. Some families opt for multiple poses or locations so their shooting time will naturally be a little longer. If you are planning to change outfits throughout the shoot, it will lengthen your overall time as well.

How Much Do Photographers Charge For Family Portraits?

A photo shoot can be anywhere from $99 to $350 dollars, with the usual pricing starting at around $185 for a family shoot. At Natalie Roberson, we have packages that start at just $99, and you can customize your photo shoot if you like for a higher fee. Photo shoot fees do not cover any additional prints or products.

Natalie Roberson family photography

How Should You Dress For Family Photos?

Try to wear bright colors and opt for solids when possible, since these photograph best. Remember to accessorize with your outfits. Jewelry and other accessories can be fun and will help bring out your personality in the pictures. It’s always best to bring a few different clothing options, so you can change if need be. Especially with children, accidents can happen, so having extra options are a good idea.

What Should You Not Wear For Family Pictures?

Stay away from white or black, as these colors can create a washed-out look in photos. Accessories are great, but steer clear of excessively chunky jewelry, as it can be distracting. Some families like to do coordinating outfits, but if you choose not to, try to wear something that will not clash with the other outfits in the photo. It’s best to avoid loud patterns – solids are the best choice on camera.

Natalie Roberson family photography

What Is The Best Color To Wear On Camera?

Rich colors photograph really well, but you can also opt for paler colors if that’s more your style. White and black don’t show up well and can be too dominant or cause you to look washed out, so they aren’t good options.

Relax and Enjoy!

Family photo day is all about having a good time and creating memories with your loved ones, so remember to relax and enjoy the experience. A little planning goes a long way. If you have questions or want to book your session, feel free to reach out to us!