Newborn Hospital Photography

Is it Okay to Take Newborn Hospital Photography?Newborn Hospital Photography

Newborn hospital photography gives you the chance to capture a once in a lifetime moment that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Many hospitals recognize how important this time is for the families and are accommodating as long as the health and safety of the baby, the family, the hospital staff, and the visitors is maintained. It is important that you and the photographer follow visitor’s guidelines; When you are scheduling your newborn hospital photography, be sure to talk with the hospital staff about their newborn visitor policies.

Professional newborn photographers like Natalie Roberson Photography are well versed in hospital etiquette and newborn safety. Our photographers believe these photos should use natural light instead of harsh flashes and natural positions so that the baby’s safety is guaranteed.

How Soon After Birth Should a Newborn Hospital Photography Session be Scheduled?

Newborn hospital photography is sometimes called the “Fresh 48” because it takes place within 24 to 48 hours after the baby’s birth. Communicate with your photographer so they know your expected delivery date. But everyone understands that an early, late, or surprise arrival might occur! For normal births without any serious complications, the hospital will generally discharge mom and baby after 48 hours. Be sure to keep your photographer in the loop when you are on the way to the hospital with a call, email, or text so they know to fit you in their schedule in the next couple days. After the birth and when things have calmed down, touch base again and decide when is the best time for your newborn hospital photography session.

What to Bring for Newborn Hospital Photography?

Some parents bring a letter board for displaying baby’s name and birth date but you will have been through a lot by the time the photographer arrives for your newborn hospital photography session, so think comfy and simple! Consider bringing a satin, flower print robe for mom to replace the hospital gown, but go ahead and leave your baby in the hat and swaddle that the hospital provided. These priceless moments will come to be defined by your memories of your baby wearing that hat or their tiny foot with the hospital tag poking out of the gender neutral hospital blanke. It’s important to capture these perfect moments to etch into memories.

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Is Taking Hospital Newborn Photography a HIPAA Violation?

Hospital patients and their visitors are generally allowed to take photographs, including newborn hospital photography, under HIPAA regulations. However, professional photographers like Natalie Roberson Photography understand that the captured images cannot display other patients or protected health information, which violates state privacy laws; As professional newborn photographers, they will adjust their focus and angles accordingly. Be sure to coordinate with your care team at the hospital so that your newborn hospital photography session avoids overlap with any monitoring, tests, or examinations by a doctor.

Is Hospital Newborn Photography Worth It

There is a lot going on during the whirlwind of labor, delivery, and welcoming a new member of your family. When you hire a professional for your hospital newborn photography session, you are eliminating the stress and challenges of capturing those precious moments that every parent wants to keep forever. Using the hospital lighting for amateur photos can make your baby’s skin look discolored or cast dark shadows on those adorable newborn wrinkles. Avoid these pitfalls and the stress of finding the right light, angles, and poses by setting up a newborn hospital photography session several months in advance so you can relax while an experienced professional captures these priceless moments.

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Natalie Roberson Photography is Experienced in Newborn Hospital Photography!

Expectant moms and dads already have so much on their plate when preparing the arrival of their baby that they should not have to worry about snapping every perfect photo. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today to schedule your newborn hospital photography session and help you perfectly capture the moments ensuring they are as special as the day they were taken.