What you need for Maternity Photography in Frisco, TX

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

What you need for Maternity Photography in Frisco, TX

How do you Shoot Professional Maternity Photography?

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wondrous experience. Capturing a handful of those magical moments in timeless photographs is something you and your family will cherish forever. Over the years, Natalie Roberson Photography has perfected the art of maternity photography in Frisco, TX by capturing the maternal glow and personality of the mom-to-be while providing a calm, relaxing, and fun time for expectant mothers.

As a mother herself, Natalie Roberson knows how challenging it is to look and feel your best for a photo session when pregnancy makes everything so different. She doesn’t just rely on her years of training and experience, she evokes her artistic talent to portray you at your best while accentuating the beauty of your round pregnant belly. Her extraordinary maternity photography gallery illuminates how she captures the essence of the complex emotional bond between a mother and her baby in her photography.

When Should you Schedule Maternity Photography in Frisco, TX?


Maternity photography in Frisco, TX for moms-to-be should be scheduled for about 27 weeks, or the beginning of the third trimester. Natalie Roberson Photography’s maternity sessions tend to fill up fast, so book about 2-3 months in advance. If you need prints for a specific occasion, plan 3-4 weeks for those to arrive.

Over the years, Natalie Roberson Photography has found this to be the ideal time to capture a round bump surrounded by glowing happiness and before fatigue and discomfort take over. Waiting too late in your pregnancy for your maternity photography session may also be problematic if your baby makes an unexpected early arrival!

How do you Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Natalie Roberson Photography has your needs and comfort in mind for all photography sessions, and maternity photography in Frisco, TX is no exception. Prior to your maternity photo shoot, you’ll schedule a pre-consultation meeting. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your personal style, options for wall art, pregnancy announcements or albums, and lighting and backdrops that may require more preparation to guarantee everything comes out just the way you envision it.

Where’s the Best Place for Maternity Photography in Frisco, TX?

There are several public places that are great for maternity photography in Frisco, TX but the best place is anywhere that makes you feel comfortable!   Natalie Roberson maternity photographs

You could ensure your child’s support for your favorite team with a tasteful sports backdrop! Or use the hustle and bustle of the Market at the Star for your love of local art and creativity. For a more natural scene, your maternity photography session can take advantage of the sun to naturally highlight you in front of a lovely waterfall backdrop in Central Park or the spacious greenery at Frisco Commons.

While the expansive outdoors offers endless public options for maternity photography in Frisco, TX, you might want a more intimate portrayal of the maternal love you have for your baby. Choosing your own home, your baby’s nursery or the Natalie Roberson Photography Studio can give you lots of options for one-of-a-kind backdrops, outfits, and props. With so many locations to choose from, feel free to brainstorm with Natalie Roberson Photography so they can work with your personal style to create the right maternity portrait for you!

What Should I Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot?

For your maternity photography in Frisco, TX, choose classic clothing designs and muted colors instead of bold colors, trendy outfits, makeup, and nails so as not to distract from your belly. If you choose to accent your outfit with jewelry, wear simple pieces that won’t look dated in a few years. Dresses that curve in below the breast will subtly focus the portraits on your baby bump.

If you’re not looking to permanently invest in formal maternity clothing for your maternity photography, peruse websites that offer maternity outfits and dresses for rent. If you choose the Natalie Roberson Photography Studio for your photos, there are a variety of high-quality maternity dresses and gowns available for maternity photography sessions held on-site.

Should My Husband Pose for Maternity Photos?

Natalie Roberson’s maternity photography in Frisco, TX will not only photograph you and your bump but encourages partners and siblings to participate as well! The love and anticipation of the newest family member is shared by the whole family. With Natalie Roberson’s experienced eye, she poses you and your husband in the best way to portray the emotional connection and happiness of your growing family.

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

How Much Should Maternity Photos Cost in Frisco, TX?

You shouldn’t have to spend your baby’s college funds on maternity photography in Frisco, TX! Natalie Roberson Photography is an award-winning photographer who loves what she does, takes pride in her work, and above all, creates a comfortable and enjoyable maternity photography session for your journey into motherhood. Several session options and packages are available with customizations to suit your budget. All packages include a free pre-consultation, custom creative planning, the maternity photography session, and a viewing session. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography for gorgeous photo creations your little one will cherish and come to know as their first photo with mom.