How to Stage Great Newborn Hospital Photographs

How to Stage Great Newborn Hospital Photographs

Why do People Love Newborn Photographs?

Most new parents are in awe of their perfect, tiny, newborn babies, and they spend hours staring at them in admiration and cuddling them closely. Yet capturing precious memories like the newborn yawn, the ever-changing facial expressions, or the surprisingly tight grip of a finger can be difficult or impossible without professional help. When you have someone who knows what they are doing come to take newborn photographs of your perfect child, you’ll swear you can almost smell the sweet newborn baby smell in each photograph of your infant. They’re your brand new bundle of joy and we want you to remember that forever.

Do Hospitals Offer Newborn Photography?

Oftentimes, hospitals allow a photographer to come in as a visitor with the patient’s permission (assuming everyone is safe and healthy!), so that you can always remember these precious moments with your baby.

What Newborn Details Should I Make Sure to Photograph?

Newborn photographs should capture all the details, like little toes, little nose, little lips, and those teeny tiny fingernails. Stop the clock for a moment with a set of photos from your child’s first moments. You can never get them back, but this comes pretty darn close.

How do you Wrap a Newborn for a Photoshoot?

Think about the decor in your home or the room you plan to hang your photographs. Then, choose a color or pattern that compliments that space. Once you decide on a color, lay your baby on the wrap, then take the left side up and across the baby’s shoulders. Wrap it around and then under the baby’s bottom. Do the same with the right side and tuck the tail into the part of the wrap already secured. You can take the left side’s tail and tuck it in to the right.

What Type of Lighting Should I Use for Newborn Photographs?

Keep the lighting soft and natural so you capture every bit of your newborn’s brand newness! We want to help you remember these exact moments, not a modified version of it. This is as perfect as a moment can get, isn’t it?

How do I Make a Newborn Wrap and What Fabric is used for Newborn Wraps?

There are a variety of options for a newborn wrap. What’s most important is that it is soft and hypoallergenic. Your baby’s skin is soft and new, so you want to make sure to gentle enough on their skin. We recommend choosing a wrap from a company specifically for babies— they know best!

Why Choose Natalie Roberson Photography for Newborn Photos

Natalie knows how to capture each moment and make them as special when you look at them as the day they were taken. These moments are too important to forget. As a mother, Natalie has extensive experience working with babies and is an absolute natural. We know she will make you, baby, and hospitals feel at ease for the entire session.