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A Collage Of Professional Headshot Photography.
A Collage Of Professional Headshot Photography.

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Corporate Headshot Photography

When it comes to corporate headshots, Natalie Roberson Photography is the ideal choice for clients seeking professional and high-quality results. Natalie Roberson is famous for her world-class corporate headshot photography in Frisco, near Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas. She has been recognized as the most sought-after corporate headshot photographer. Her skilled work has earned respect from all over the industry and in the media. She is loved by all her clients for her friendly and warm demeanor. With her exceptional talent, experience, and commitment to excellence, Natalie brings a unique blend of skill and artistry to the field of corporate photography.

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Customer Satisfaction

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Natalie Roberson Photography has over 10 years experience, working to grow and enhance her photographic acumen. Her hard work speaks for itself, with more than 700 positive reviews spread across social media and online media platforms.

Our Business & Corporate Headshot Photography Services

We are dedicated to create beautiful headshots for actors, actresses, musicians, professors, employees, performers, businessmen and women, dancers, and anyone wanting a professional portrait. We also offer personal branding sessions for your website, marketing material, social media, comp cards, and professional corporate headshots in the Prosper, McKinney, Frisco, and Celina areas.

We provide the following headshot services: standard headshots, corporate headshots, extended headshot sessions for models, studio and outdoor headshot sessions, corporate headshot sessions for your company, office, or event, and custom headshot sessions where we can put together a session that meets both your budget and needs.

Turnaround Time – Corporate headshot clients can expect to receive their photos within 2 business days with a group of less than 20 people. For groups greater than 20, delivery of images will depend on the size and scope of the project. Images are e-mailed or delivered via digital download.

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What do People Say About Natalie Roberson as a Corporate Headshot Photographer?

My husband and I had headshots taken with Natalie at her Frisco studio. We highly recommend her and her business. Natalie was warm and personable throughout our sessions, making us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She was professional and efficient moving us through poses and helping us choose our best headshots. Nick did a great job editing our photos in a natural way. We were very pleased with the quick turn around time as well. We will definitely be using Natalie Roberson for future photography needs.

-Danielle Michael

My husband and I recently got our corporate headshots done by Natalie Roberson Photography and we could not have been happier with everything from start to finish. The studio is beautiful and both Nick and Natalie are incredibly friendly and make you feel so comfortable. We love our new headshots and I will definitely be going back to them for other types of photos. Thank you both again for the wonderful experience!”

– Dinah Miriam Camilleri

Why Choose Natalie Roberson for Corporate Headshot Photography?

One of the primary reasons to hire Natalie Roberson Photography for corporate headshot photography is her ability to capture the essence and personality of each individual in a corporate setting. She understands that corporate headshots serve as a visual representation of a professional brand, and she excels in creating images that exude confidence, approachability, and competence. Natalie’s keen eye for detail and composition allows her to bring out the best in her subjects, highlighting their unique qualities while maintaining a polished and professional aesthetic.

  • Experience & Expertise: Natalie’s experience in working with corporate headshot photography clients gives her an edge in understanding the specific needs and expectations of professionals. She recognizes the importance of a headshot that aligns with the client’s industry and desired image. Whether it’s a formal corporate environment or a creative industry, Natalie has the expertise to tailor her approach accordingly. Her versatility and adaptability ensure that each client receives a headshot that not only reflects their personal brand but also appeals to their target audience.
  • Comfortable and Relaxed: Natalie’s exceptional skill in creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the photoshoot is another compelling reason to hire her for corporate headshot photography. She understands that many individuals feel nervous or self-conscious in front of the camera, especially in a professional setting. Natalie’s warm and friendly demeanor helps her clients feel at ease, enabling their authentic personalities to shine through. This ability to establish a connection with her subjects results in headshots that capture a genuine and confident representation of each professional.
  • Hassle-free Process: Another significant advantage of working with Natalie is her commitment to delivering a streamlined and efficient experience for her clients. She understands that busy professionals value their time, and she ensures that the entire process, from scheduling the shoot to delivering the final images, is smooth and hassle-free. Natalie’s professionalism and punctuality allow clients to focus on their work, confident that their corporate headshot photography will be delivered on time and to their satisfaction.
  • Post-processing: Natalie’s expertise in post-processing and retouching is a valuable asset in the corporate headshot photography realm. She possesses the technical skills and knowledge necessary to enhance and refine images while maintaining a natural and professional look. Natalie understands the importance of striking the right balance between authenticity and polish, ensuring that the final headshots are both visually appealing and true representations of each individual.
  • Reputation: Natalie Roberson Photography has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional corporate headshots. Testimonials from satisfied clients consistently highlight her professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to capture the unique qualities of each individual. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of her work has made her a trusted name in the industry.

Hiring Natalie Roberson Photography for corporate headshot photography offers numerous advantages for clients seeking professional and high-quality results. From her ability to capture the essence of each individual to her skill in creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, Natalie brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to her corporate photography. With her streamlined process, commitment to customer satisfaction, and exceptional post-processing skills, clients can trust that their headshots will make a lasting impression. Natalie’s dedication to delivering polished and authentic images ensures that professionals have a powerful visual tool to enhance their personal brand and make a positive impact in the corporate world.

How Natalie Roberson Photography Works?

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Prep & Accessorize

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Print Your Best Photos

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Our Professional Corporate Headshots Prices and Packages

Individual Session

$299 per person up to 10

Includes 2 Digital Images of your choosing

Group Session

Call For Pricing

Corporate Headshot Photography Pricing

Our Corporate Headshot Photography package starts at $299 for individuals. Some Sessions include unlimited time, unlimited background changes, and unlimited wardrobe changes. Digital files start at just $89 per image. Group rates are available upon request.

Note: Please add 8.25% Texas sales tax. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Natalie Roberson Headshot photography

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Professional coaching throughout the experience.  From your wardrobe to the “what do I do with my hands” question.  We’re here to help.
  • Image selection right after your session.  You’ll be able to pick your favorites right there on the spot.
  • A true luxury experience.  I have over 200 headshot specific positive reviews on Google Business.  Don’t just take my word for it, read theirs.

Once your session has concluded, we will sit down and go over all of your images together.  We’ll closely analyze each image and narrow them down to your absolute favorite images.  This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you fall in love with. ($89 per image inc. professional retouching)

I honestly don’t believe you’ll find a better headshot photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth market and I have 100s of reviews from previous clients that will agree. My goal is to make sure your headshot is the highest quality and provides you with exactly what you need from a professional headshot.  It will represent you, your brand and your personality.  Our headshot business is mostly referrals.  We provide a luxury experience with luxury results so that you will go tell your friends how easy and painless our headshot experience can be!

We have a hair & makeup artist that we can refer to you that will do your hair and makeup at an additional cost.  She is one of the industries leading HMU artists in North Texas.

Bring a few options for wardrobe changes. Suits, jackets, dress shirts. Men: ties sell the look. Ladies: camisoles are great with jackets. Watch out for: wrinkled shirts, missing buttons, crinkled collars, dangling bra straps and even minor makeup stains (it shows up on camera). Simplicity is key for headshot wardrobe: the focus in your headshot should be squarely on you, not your clothes. Busy patterns and large, distracting jewelry are a no-go. Bright jewel tones are best: red, blue, green, yellow… any solid, primary color. You know what looks best on you: pick colors that bring out your eyes and compliment your skin tone. Stay away from white (which can wash you out) and black (which can give the illusion of absorbing light from the rest of the photo). Take a look at our Corporate Headshot Photography Pinterest Board for some other ideas about what to wear.

The real job of your headshot is to capture and convey elements of your personality and your brand. Any time you change your look, you need new headshots. If you cut your hair more than a few inches, dye it a different color, gain or lose a significant amount of weight (more than ten pounds). General consensus says every one to two years you should get new headshots. Before having headshots taken, you should have a very clear idea of what you want out of your headshot session. There’s a lot more preparation involved than the obvious. Ladies, you’ll definitely want to get your hair and makeup done by a professional. We have referrals we can send you.

Tell us the approximate number of people that will need headshots, your location, the preferred dates you have selected, and how these photos will be used (i.e. social media, website, brochure or other print material, etc.) We’ll be able to give you a quote, a statement of work and schedule the headshot photography appointment. We’ll work with you to make this as smooth as possible for you.

Yes. This isn’t something we normally recommend but we know many businesses want a branded color for their website corporate headshot page as a backdrop.

Other than a few different sets of clothing (as we mention above) some people bring music that either relaxes, gets you pumped up, or makes you happy. You can also bring a hairbrush, styling or makeup products you think you might need, and optionally a friend who you think may help you feel more comfortable posing.

There are advantages to indoor shots – especially at my studio – because I have complete control over the lighting, you don’t need to worry about the weather, and you can choose a backdrop. The studio is also always private. If you want an outdoor workplace photograph, we can discuss the potential lighting issues over the phone, and I can bring additional lighting. For instance, if you want a group photo in a conference room, the lighting may not be the most flattering.

There are different advantages to outdoor shots, including the most flattering light during the “golden hour” just after sunrise or before sunset. It may be that your staff are able to relax outside in the informal setting, and you can choose the appropriate background for the headshots.

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