Bluebonnets collage

Texas Bluebonnets Photo Sessions

Texas bluebonnets are coming soon! Why not celebrate these iconic wildflowers with a bluebonnet photo session? Natalie Roberson Photography is taking appointments now for March and April, so book your session before they disappear as quickly as the bluebonnets themselves!

Why are Bluebonnets So Special in Texas?

According to historian Jack Maguire, the Texas bluebonnet is “not only the state flower but also a kind of floral trademark almost as well known to outsiders as cowboy boots and the Stetson hat.” After the Texas Legislature named the bluebonnet the official state flower in 1901, Texans embraced bluebonnets in true Texas style. There are many songs and events that celebrate the bluebonnet, and visitors flock from around the country to see the bluebonnets carpet the fields and to attend the Bluebonnet Trails Festival in Ennis, Texas, or the Official State of Texas Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill, Texas. Texans love their bluebonnets!

Do Bluebonnets Only Grow in Texas?

Many people are not aware that Texas actually has five state flowers, and all of them are Texas bluebonnets! There are five species of this lovely little flower, which is native to the prairies of Texas. Some species can be found outside of Texas, but the Lupinus texensis and Lupinus subcarnosus varieties grow naturally only in Texas. Lupinus texensis is often regarded as the Texas bluebonnet and is often sought after for bluebonnet photo sessions. However, every variety of bluebonnet has its unique beauty and charm and offers a wonderful backdrop for family photo sessions.

What Month do the Bluebonnets Bloom in Texas?

Taking photos among a field of Texas bluebonnets is a floral photography tradition in the state of Texas!. Bluebonnets, which are named because of their beautiful indigo flowers that resemble sunbonnets, arrive in North Texas in late March and peak in the middle of April. Natalie Roberson Photography has been capturing families with bluebonnet photo sessions for years and knows the best locations to take bluebonnet photos.

How Long will Bluebonnets Last?

Texas bluebonnets are as fleeting as they are beautiful. Their cheerful bloom lasts only a few short weeks, usually ending in the final days of April. Occasionally the blooms last into early May but don’t count on it! It is advised to book your bluebonnet photo sessions with Natalie Roberson Photography well in advance because that short timeframe fills up fast.

What is the Best Time of Day to Capture Texas Bluebonnets?

Texas bluebonnets are true sun worshippers and thrive if they are exposed to direct sunlight for 8-10 hours a day. But their beauty is best captured on film closer to sunset. Natalie Roberson Photography schedules bluebonnet photo sessions one hour before the sunset to capture their perfect glow.

When Can I Make an Appointment for a Bluebonnet Photo session with Natalie Roberson Photography?

Texas bluebonnets will soon be making their appearance in North Texas, and the window of opportunity to take photos with this beautiful Texas wildflower is short. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography now to reserve your appointment for bluebonnet photo sessions in March and April. Once the flowers bloom, dates and times will be finalized. Don’t miss the chance to create special memories of your family with this iconic Texas wildflower!