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Real Estate Photography in Frisco, TX

What is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography involves taking photos for property listings that are for sale. Currently, the real estate market is booming and there is an increased demand for real estate photography in Frisco, TX. In the past, “curb appeal” was very important because it was the first impression in selling a property. Now “screen appeal” is on the rise. Virtual home tours provide convenience in offering multiple showings and previewing the home’s interior without leaving your own home. Taking virtual tours is also very important for people that are trying to buy from out of state, or have to move quickly for a job, and for busy people who work long hours and/or have a lot of family commitments on the weekends. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to real estate photography, a captivating image can sell a property and be worth thousands of dollars.

Do Real Estate Agents Take Their Own Photos in Frisco, TX?

Some real estate agents take their own photos, and there is always a range of skills and equipment. This is reflected in the quality of their images. When photos are posted that are not high quality, it sends the message to potential buyers that the real estate agent can’t be bothered to make a good first impression for the listing. Professional real estate photography in Frisco, TX from Natalie Roberson Photography will present your home in the best light to help you sell your home faster and for more money.

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How do you Start Taking Real Estate Photos?

There are a few things to consider for real estate photography. First, the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography will come prepared with all of the special equipment that you need. There are a few ways that the homeowner or real estate agent can prepare. First, decluttering is key. The homeowner should keep the surfaces such as countertops, coffee tables, and desks as clean as possible. Have your photographer do a walk-through of the home before the photo shoot so that they can get a feel for the space that they will be shooting. Finally, lighting is key. Usually turning lights on makes the space feel warmer and more welcoming. If there are a lot of large windows, then keeping those open allows a lot of natural light in. If there are few windows, interior lights or external flash units should be utilized.

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Is Real Estate Photography Difficult to Pull Off?

For an amateur, real estate photography is very difficult to pull off. Here are five reasons why:

  • Poor Quality: When real estate agents take their own photos, the images are often overexposed, out-of-focus, underexposed, or grainy. On the other hand, when you hire the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography, their experienced eye will deliver the clear and sharp real estate photography you need to sell your home.
  • Formatted Incorrectly: Not every website uses the same size images. If an image posted on a site is too large, the site will automatically compress the image, resulting in lost image quality. If the image is too small, the site will stretch the image to meet the sizing requirements. However, if you hire professional real estate photographers, the images will be available in various sizes for easy uploading and crisp images for every site.
  • Incorrect Equipment: Most real estate agents don’t have cameras with an ultra wide lens, a tripod, special lighting, or a drone. This equipment can cost between $10k and $20k. But the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography have invested in the proper equipment to take high quality photos of your property.
  • Time is Money: When real estate agents take their own photos, it takes up a lot of their valuable time. Meanwhile, when a real estate agent invests in professional real estate photography, their listings will sell faster and they can focus on what they specialize in: buying and selling homes.
  • Reputation: Prospective clients and competitors will take you more seriously if you invest in professional real estate photos. Hiring professionals will give your listing the best possible chance to sell for the most money possible.

Why Natalie Roberson Photography is a Great Choice for Real Estate Photography in Frisco, TX

If you are looking to take your real estate photography in Frisco, TX to the next level, look to Natalie Roberson Photography. We have many services to offer including drone imagery which allows us to take photos of your property from virtually any angle. We know the importance of turnaround time in a competitive market so we can post your photos in under 48 hours so you can get your listing posted faster. Check out our photo gallery for a sample of our real estate photography portfolio. Our beautiful crisp images will speak for themselves! Contact us today to make an appointment!