How Should You Plan for Spring Maternity Photos with a Maternity Photographer?

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How Should You Plan for Spring Maternity Photos with a Maternity Photographer?

If you are an expecting mother, congratulations from Natalie Roberson Photography! We hope you are having a healthy pregnancy and would be proud to help you capture this special time in your life with spring maternity photos that you can treasure long after your baby is born.

Is Spring a Good Time for Maternity Photography in Texas?

There is a natural synergy between spring and maternity. Flowers are blooming, and so are you! The tender greens and soft colors of spring are a perfect backdrop for your maternity photography. The experienced maternity photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography offer packages with competitive pricing in Celina, TX, and beyond.

During which Month of Pregnancy Should I Take Professional Maternity Photography?

Every woman’s pregnancy is unique, so the perfect time for spring maternity photos may be different for you than for another momma-to-be, and even different for your second or third pregnancy. However, a good rule of thumb is the beginning of the third trimester, when your belly has “popped” but before that last month or so when you are heavier and less comfortable. Also, if you wait until the last minute for your maternity photography, you run the risk that your baby may decide to come early and you’ll miss your chance!

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How Far in Advance Should I Plan for Spring Maternity Photos?

It’s never too soon to plan for spring maternity photos. There are many aspects of your maternity photoshoot to discuss beforehand, from your choice of clothing and setting to special considerations unique to your pregnancy. Schedule a consultation at least a month in advance with the experienced maternity photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography. That way, you can ensure that the location you choose is available, and you can take your time finding the perfect maternity dress for the shoot.

Should I Include Spring Blooms in My Maternity Photography?

The only accessory truly needed for spring maternity photos is your adorable round baby bump, but spring blooms are a lovely compliment. Natalie Roberson Photography recommends that you keep it simple with flowers and other accessories for your maternity photography session. Blossoms are pretty in the background, adding soft color to your photos without distracting from you, or tying up your hands which you may wish to place on or around your bump.

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Where is the Best Place to Take Pictures in the Spring in Texas?

There are many beautiful locations to choose from for your spring maternity photos in Texas. The toughest part will be deciding which one! During your free consultation with Natalie Roberson Photography before your maternity photoshoot, Natalie can suggest locations that are easily accessible and that showcase the blooms of spring. For gardens, the Dallas Arboretum might be a good choice depending on your location. Lakeside Park, also in Dallas, has lovely grassy spaces and teddy bear statues. Central Park in Frisco, Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, or the Japanese Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth are also lovely places to consider for your maternity photography.

Ask Your Maternity Photographer for Some Beautiful Spring Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

  • There is something unique about spring sunset that sets it apart from other sunsets throughout the year. The vibrant colors of a spring sunset can be the ideal background for your spring maternity photos.
  • Take advantage of spring with its newly blooming flowers and green leaves. Take your spring maternity photos in a garden or park where you can get a variety of colors and tones as your background.

Is Easter a Good Theme for Spring Maternity Photos?

Easter is symbolic of birth and new beginnings. It is a time of joy and hope for the future, and a celebration of love. Flowers are blooming, and nature is awakening in tender hues after winter. This makes Easter a great theme for maternity photography! The maternity photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography love capturing expecting mothers at this special time in their lives and will create timeless spring maternity photos for you.

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How Should I Dress for a Spring Maternity Photo Shoot?

The choice of what to wear for your spring maternity photos is a big decision, but you can make it easier by keeping these things in mind. First, if you are planning several months in advance, remember that you will get bigger, so choose clothing that accommodates your size then, not now. Second, keep it classic with soft colors and a simple design. The key for maternity photography is to show off your bump, not a trendy outfit or distracting print that will look dated or busy when you look back on your photos years from now. Third, choose a dress or jumper that you feel good in and makes you feel beautiful! Natalie Roberson Photography will do the rest to make you feel at ease so you can look your best in your maternity photos.

Wardrobe Ideas to Try for your Maternity Photography Session

  • Choose a dress that is fitted on top above your belly, but that is loose or flares out from your belly.
  • Make sure the length of the dress does not reach the floor. Longer dresses may present a tripping hazard.
  • Avoid cotton dresses because they do not flow easily. Also avoid tight body shapes or stretchy dresses because they can stick with your legs making you difficult to walk, and possibly exposing every little bulge and fold in your skin.
  • Choose polyester, crepe, or rayon fabrics for your maternity photography session because they are super flowy and have great textures.

Contact Natalie Roberson Photography to schedule your free consultation and plan the spring maternity photoshoot of your dreams!