Maternity Photography in Prosper, TX by Natalie Roberson Photography

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

Maternity Photography in Prosper, TX by Natalie Roberson Photography

What Time in Pregnancy is Best for Maternity Photography in Prosper, TX?

When scheduling maternity photography in Prosper, TX, aim for about the beginning of your third trimester. When you reach about 27 weeks, the Natalie Roberson Photography team has found this to be the perfect time for your maternity photoshoot. This is ideal for capturing your motherly glow and anticipation of your baby’s arrival, and your beautifully round belly! By the middle of the third trimester, it’s typical for fatigue and discomfort to start to consume all aspects of an expectant mothers’ day. Also postponing for too long could mean needing to reschedule for a newborn photography session instead!

Maternity photography sessions in Prosper, TX tend to fill up fast so scheduling 2-3 months in advance is highly recommended. If you’re looking to use prints for a special occasion or pregnancy announcements, plan to book your session 3-4 weeks before you need them.

How do you Prepare for Maternity Photography in Proper, TX?

As part of maternity photography in Propser, TX, you’ll have a pre-consultation meeting to discuss your vision for the session, like angles and poses, announcements or wall art to be created from the images, other family members to be included, and backdrops for the session. Natalie Roberson Photography can capture your maternity photos at your home nursery, at a scenic outdoor location, or at their studio. We’ll also discuss what you like, and what the photos will be used for. After all of this preparation, it will be time to focus on you!

How Long does a Maternity Photo Shoot Take?

Working with Natalie Roberson Photography for maternity photography in Prosper, TX, you know you will be in the best of care. They focus on making you beautiful and keeping you comfortable throughout your session.

Based on what you’ve discussed at your pre-consultation meeting, the length of your maternity photography session can vary, but plan for about an hour. Working with an experienced and caring photographer like Natalie Roberson, you know she’ll capture every beautiful pose you’ve saved, tagged, pinned and dreamed about—and then she’ll capture even more to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

How Should I Dress for a Maternity Photo Shoot?

While we can make recommendations for maternity photography in Prosper, TX, it’s important to wear what makes you feel comfortable. In our experience, timeless maternity photos portray classic clothing designs and muted colors. Bold prints, patterns, jewelry, heavy makeup and even nail designs can distract from your maternal glow and your beautiful belly. One of our favorite dress styles curve inward below the breasts and create a subtle focus on the baby bump.

While there are numerous options for these types of maternity dresses, you don’t have to spend a fortune (save it for the baby!). There are several places that rent maternity outfits and individual clothing items such as LaBelle Bump, Mama Bump Rentals, Mine for Nine and Rent the Runway.

Should I Include My Husband in My Maternity Photography?

Most definitely, yes! The Natalie Roberson Photography team loves including your partner in maternity photography in Propser, TX . Someday, your baby will look back on these portraits with wonder and see the emotional connection mom and dad had for them before they were even born.

Not only your husband, but siblings and best friends are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this memorable experience. Maternity photography is about capturing everyone’s happiness and excitement for baby’s arrival. Trust the experienced eye of Natalie Roberson Photography to pose and place each of you, highlighting your family’s love and anticipation for the new arrival with maternity photography in Propser, TX.

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

Natalie Roberson Photography Can Answer Any Questions You have About Maternity Photography in Prosper, TX!

If you have any reservations about maternity photography in Prosper, TX, don’t sweat it! The Natalie Roberson Photography team are experts at making you look and feel beautiful during your session, coming second only to making you comfortable. If you’re nervous or have any questions, the experienced Natalie Roberson Photography team can help! They can offer suggestions of style, advice on clothing choices, and help in your preparation for capturing some of your most memorable moments in your pregnancy. Contact us on our website or call us today at (972) 415-7644 so we can plan your dream maternity photography session today!