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Holiday Family Photography

When should you schedule holiday photography?

There are many ways to capture the spirit of the season with holiday photography. One very special opportunity is the Magical Santa Experience, and now is the time to book with Natalie Roberson Photography! There are just two dates for this fun filled 45-minute session with Santa: exclusively at the Natalie Roberson Photography studio on November 12 and 27. Sessions are sure to fill up fast, so grab this opportunity to create treasured memories for the whole family to remember for years to come. In addition, if you are interested in family photography sessions with the Magical Snowman Experience for your family, there’s no better time than the present to schedule your special session with a festive, life-sized snowman! Both experiences are sure to capture the delightful spirit of the season.

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How should I pose for family holiday photography?

Finding the perfect pose for the whole family during the holiday season can be challenging, especially when factoring in different personalities and traditions. The experienced team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to create a magical, festive vibe with families, and the laughter is always contagious! Spreading cheer in front of a Christmas tree may create some spontaneous smiles, or stepping outside into a winter wonderland of decorations can create a magical vibe that every family wants to capture. Any opportunity for fun-filled candid shots, whether it’s decorating, baking cookies, or a snowball fight is a winner for family holiday photography. At Natalie Roberson Photography, the veteran team can set up both posed and candid holiday photographs with delightful results.

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How can I take pictures of my family for Christmas?

There are many opinions out there on how to take the perfect holiday family photo. Here are a few tips from Natalie Roberson Photography. Framing a great shot of the family next to the Christmas tree with your camera on a tripod is a great Christmas tradition for many families. Coordinating outfits to be similar but not an exact match will enhance holiday photography. For your kids, be sure to have snacks nearby to make sure everyone is relaxed. Take advantage of natural lighting during the “golden hour,” the hours closest to the sunset or sunrise. And, it’s best not to use a flash when bringing the family into focus in the foreground for great holiday photography portraits. Schedule a family photography session (with family pets if you wish!) at the state of the art Natalie Roberson Photography studio for great results.

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How do you take family pictures in front of a Christmas tree?

Taking great pictures of the family in front of the Christmas tree can be challenging. First, try to keep it happy and relaxed. When it comes to the pictures themselves, using a tripod is better than holding the camera to prevent blurred images. Avoid the flash but shoot with the lights dimmed to help to bring out the bright colors of the Christmas tree while framing happy faces! Using a base ISO setting on your camera will help with sharp images with a minimal noise ratio. Focusing on tree decorations that have significant meaning will also make for great holiday photography. Of course, the expert team at Natalie Roberson Photography also can create a fabulous holiday photography session in your own home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is sure to suit the entire family.

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What are some creative holiday family photography ideas?

One of the most festive family holiday photography ideas is to schedule a Magical Santa Experience at the Natalie Roberson Photography studio. This very limited 45-minute session is sure to be a family favorite tradition for years to come. The setting includes Santa himself, in his own miniature workshop, as he tells a magical story that charms the whole family. Santa’s Magical Gift set includes an audiobook, wish book, magic box, clue cards, and thank-you notes as an added keepsake. Another option for winter fun is the Magical Snowman Experience. This nondenominational winter celebration (think family snowball fights!) will create entertaining memories that will be enjoyed for the entire year. A life-sized snowman and maybe even a reindeer create the scene that engulfs your family into a winter wonderland.

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Schedule holiday photography with Natalie Roberson Photography now!

Scheduling your family holiday photography session with the expert team at Natalie Roberson Photography should be tops on your to do list. The Magical Santa Experience has very limited time slots, with sessions being scheduled on November 12th and 27th. Don’t miss it – it is sure to be a memorable and fun experience for everyone. The Magical Snowman Experience is another charming opportunity to pose with a lifesize snowman and promises to draw your family back again and again for years to come. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography to make an appointment today.