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Headshot Photography in Prosper, TX

What makes a Good Professional Headshot?

Good headshot photography expresses professionalism. This is achieved through proper posing, background, facial expressions, and clothing choices. The expert team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows that the first rule of professional headshot photography is to match the image to the company. On location or in their spacious 5,000 square foot studio, Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to set up the framing and the lighting so that each corporate headshot or group staff photo looks sharp and professional. They expertly use their state-of-the-art equipment, props, posing, and camera angles to inspire a relaxed, yet professional photography session for everyone in your company.

HeadshotTake professional shots individually and in a group.

Whether you’re an actor, real estate agent, or financial planner, professional headshot photography is a way to put your best foot forward. Professional headshots can be used in company materials, from business cards to brochures to social media profiles. It may also be advantageous to get a professional group shot with your coworkers and staff. Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to skillfully capture individual professional headshots and make sure each employee is portrayed as the individual they are, and also part of the whole. Whether in-studio, or on location in the Prosper, TX area, Natalie Roberson Photography captures group shots that convey your company’s vision and mission.

What is the best background for professional headshots in Prosper, TX.

The background for a professional individual and group headshots is just as important as the subject. Headshots for ID badges tend to work best with a simple neutral color background. But when you are marketing your company’s staff as a competitive asset, professional headshots are paramount. Be sure to show the collective personality of your staff in the backdrop you choose. The staff at Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to use camera angles, lighting, diffused shade, and props, if appropriate, to make each individual and group headshot look fantastic. Photographers make use of the “golden hour,” the hours around dawn and sunset for perfect natural lighting and backdrops. In studio or on location in the Prosper, TX area, the award winning team at Natalie Roberson Photography will capture the best headshot photography for your company, no matter how big or small.

What are the Do and Don’ts of Professional Headshot Photography?

Many don’t realize that camera angles, keeping the camera at chin level, tilting the camera slightly, or simply posting toward the light can make a huge difference in how a professional headshot turns out. Other tips include dressing as you would for a job interview, using solid colors. For a more relaxed look, be sure to practice different poses in front of the mirror beforehand, so you feel more comfortable during the actual photo session. Things to avoid include wearing distracting clothing with too many colors or patterns, and wearing clothing with large logos or words. Too many accessories and extra makeup are also distracting in headshot photography. The expert professional team at Natalie Roberson Photography knows all the tips and perfect locations to quickly and efficiently shoot individual and group professional headshots that your company can use in introductory company materials.

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What are the Benefits of Group Business Photography?

While headshot photography portrays the professionalism of an individual, group business photography displays a positive company culture, conveying both personality and the cohesiveness of a team that works well together. Using a backdrop or props that exhibit your company’s brand will further exhibit your company’s expertise and reputation. Whether on location, or in-studio, the goal of the award-winning team at Natalie Roberson Photography is to create high-quality professional headshots for corporate marketing materials and social media platforms to grow business for your company.

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Natalie Roberson Photography takes great individual and group headshot photography in Prosper, TX! Social media?

Natalie Roberson, an award-winning native Texan, is skilled in corporate headshot photography and is one of the most sought-after photographers in the Prosper, TX and indeed the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Her modern equipment and artistic flair combine to create captivating professional headshots of individuals or groups that portray your company’s brand and vibe. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today for an appointment in their studio or on location today.