COVID-19 Guidance for Clients of Natalie Roberson Photography

COVID-19 Guidance for Clients of Natalie Roberson Photography

We Re-Opened on May 1 with your safety in mind. We don’t schedule back to back clients; we disinfect and clean our gear and office space after each client. We have the ability to use masks and gloves if you want us to do so.

⇒    Q: What’s different about how you will operate?
        A: We no longer schedule back to back clients.

⇒    Q: What health and safety measures are in place?
        A: We clean after each client. When clients visit we have hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, masks, and gloves in place.

⇒    Q: What should I expect during scheduled appointments and what is the new process?
        A: Our process hasn’t changed much. We have always been a luxury studio with all visits scheduled by appointment and now we just ensure that our clients our spaced out a little more than usual.

⇒    Q: Can I take a virtual tour of the office?
        A: We allow for Zoom consultations and can even do studio tours via Zoom.

⇒    Q: How are you keeping your office clean and employees healthy?
        A: Natalie and Nick monitor their temperature and health regularly. Any guests are asked to stay at home if they are not feeling well and to please reschedule.

⇒    Q: When can I expect my call/email to be returned?
        A: We are still returning calls and emails the same day for the most part.

⇒    Q: I have an upcoming appointment, what do I need to do to prepare for it?
        A: Since each type of session is different, we will notify you about how to prepare for your upcoming session via email. We send very specific instructions/guidance on how we handle our sessions.

⇒    Q: Can I still come to my scheduled appointment?
        A: All appointments are moving forward as planned. There might be some rescheduling in order to keep our back to back rule in place but other than that, all appointments are still good to go.

⇒    Q: Can I reschedule my appointment online/on the phone?
        A: If someone feels as if they want to reschedule their appointment until they feel safe, we are happy to do so.

⇒    Q: Many people are choosing outdoor events – how will that work?
        A: We are photographing outdoor events given that all social distancing requirements are met.

⇒    Q: When/ how will I receive my photos?
        A: We still have private in-person viewing appointments with our clients after their sessions. Some people prefer to do these over Zoom and we are honoring that request. Although it doesn’t allow them to see our products as well, we try to cover some of that during their appointment if it takes place in the studio.

⇒    Q: When will photograms and products be available?
        A: All of our labs are now fully functioning but are running on a little backlog of orders. Typically print/product orders are taking about 10 days longer than before.

⇒    Q: Has your shipping policy changed?
        A: We still require our products to be shipped to us before sending them directly to our clients. We inspect each product for accuracy and that meets our highest standards before delivering it to the client.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in person again! Feel Free to call us for your question/feedback.