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Capturing your Valentine’s Day Engagement

The Importance of Capturing this Romantic Moment with Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is a wonderful way for the two of you to celebrate your joy and excitement for each other before you get married. An engagement photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography captures the love you have for one another and gives you the opportunity to share it with the rest of the world. To mark this once in a lifetime occasion, engagement photography should be captured by a professional. Doing this on Valentine’s Day captures a little bit of extra love floating in the air.

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

An engagement photography session is a great way to get to know your photographer before your wedding day and get comfortable together in front of a camera. Your photographer will figure out the best angles, smiles, and poses that best compliment the two of you. The professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography have the experience to make you feel comfortable from your engagement to your wedding day while capturing treasured memories you’ll appreciate forever. Use engagement photography for engagement announcements, and for your bridal shower and wedding decorations.

Props for Valentine’s Day Engagement Photography

Now that you’re newly engaged, adding the most romantic holiday of the year to your engagement photo session brings a special loving vibe to your engagement photography. A blurred backdrop of heart shaped wreaths can add a subtle ambiance to your photos. A cute kiss behind a homemade Valentine’s Day card is an adorable pose for your engagement photography.

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If your favorite dates are at your local coffee shop, ask the barista to pour a heart on your latte or share a bite out of a heart shaped cookie. Sprinkle your table with heart shaped confetti or take a walk with a bouquet of heart shaped balloons. Don’t forget the most important prop—your ring! The photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography will be happy to suggest ideas at your free engagement photography consultation session.

What Kind of Backdrop is Best for Valentine’s Day Engagement Photography?

Most couples prefer an outdoor scene as their backdrop in a location special to them where the natural light brings out some of the most stunning engagement photography. Parks with lots of greenery, stone monuments, fountains, or a flowered garden are often popular locations. Some coffee shops, restaurants or outdoor markets may even decorate for the holiday creating an elaborate and detailed Valentine’s Day backdrop perfect for your engagement photography.

If the Engagement is a Surprise, Make Sure She’s Camera-Ready!

Chances are, you want both of you to look your best for your engagement photography, but how do you get her to dress up for a walk in the park? Some brides may not appreciate being photographed for the biggest moment in their life to date if they aren’t dressed for the occasion – and this is going to get posted everywhere, right?? It may take some extra planning on your part to get her prepared to be camera ready without spoiling the surprise, but it will be worth it!

Natalie Roberson engagement photography

Plan a couples photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography and after a few posed photos, your photographer will pose her in the best angle and get her attention from you. Next, you’ll surprise her down on one knee with the ring and she’ll turn to you as you pop the question and every ounce of excitement in her face will be captured as she realizes what’s going on.

For that walk in the park or along the sidewalk downtown, discuss your walking path with your photographer ahead of time and be prepared to shift the plans a little—remember, she has no idea of your plans! With everything planned, your photographer will look like another tourist with a big camera and your Valentine’s Day engagement photography will be the perfect surprise proposal!

What do you wear to a Valentine’s Day Engagement Photography shoot?

At Natalie Roberson Photography we recommend wearing simple and comfortable clothes for your engagement photography session. Clothes that make you feel different or awkward could show through in your photos. Bring a dressy outfit and a casual one and for Valentine’s Day, add a subtle heart shaped necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Choose a blush pink dress shirt or scarf to highlight the holiday colors but avoid the bold, red heart patterned tie or leggings.

What Makes the Best Engagement Photography for Social Media Posts?

The best engagement photos are the ones that show how much you love each other in a single photograph. If you’ve worked with the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography, you have the different types of engagement photos that portray your love for each other and announce your wonderful news in a way that best fits your personalities. From your engagement photography package, you’ll have some closeups of the ring, some kisses and perhaps some with messages or signs. Choose one or two favorites to share for your big social media announcement!
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Why Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Engagement Photography?

Many couples claim their engagement photography session was a great relationship builder for them. While wedding photos will always be your cherished keepsakes, many love and treasure their engagement photos because they represent a more authentic and relaxed version of themselves. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and entrust your engagement photography with Natalie Roberson Photography to capture the true beginning of your lives together.