Fall Bridal Portrait Photography

Bridal Portraits for Fall Brides

Should Fall Bridal Portraits Take Place Before or After the Wedding?

One of the biggest benefits of bridal portraits is capturing breathtaking photographs of the bride without any of the stress and chaos that she feels on the wedding day! Brides also love this opportunity to do a trial run for their hair and makeup and get comfortable wearing their wedding dress in front of the camera before the big day. If your dress has any limitations like a long train, a form-fitting style, or delicate appliques, you can use this opportunity to practice how you will walk down the aisle or greet your new in-laws. More importantly, bridal portraits taken at least a month before your wedding day can be used as a special wedding gift or displayed at your wedding celebration. 

When schedules just don’t allow for a session before the wedding, it is possible to have your bridal portraits taken after your wedding. This great opportunity for the bride to wear her wedding dress again is another way to capture stunning photos of the bride or the newlyweds together without the stress of a wedding day schedule. 

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What Is the Best Time of Day for Fall Bridal Portraits?

For outdoor bridal portraits, photographers love the golden hour of the day which is an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. However, any time of the day when the sun isn’t casting a harsh shadow on the bride’s features or causing her to squint or appear sweaty is good too. Indoor photographs may also have timing constraints; be sure to check if the location is open during your planned visit. Be sure to discuss with your photographer the theme or background you envision for your bridal portraits and they can provide guidance for the best time of day for your appointment. 

Where to Take Bridal Portraits for Fall Brides?

The location of the bridal portraits is 100% up to the bride! These photographs should capture the bride in love and full of happy anticipation for her big day,  something she has been dreaming of for a long time! Not every wedding day has the time or luxury of traveling to a specific location for those special photographs showcasing the bride’s glowing beauty. These bridal portraits should represent a place that is important to her like her childhood home, the location of her proposal, or somewhere that indicates her passions and ambitions like a natural landscape or a cityscape. 

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Take Advantage of the Fall Colors for Bridal Portraits!

Fall colors provide the perfect backdrop for bridal portraits. The warm, festive fall colors allow the bride-to-be the focus of each photograph without the monotony some backdrops have. Bridal portraits taken early in the season can take advantage of some green leaves paired with bright reds, oranges, and yellows that will make the bride’s dress and smile seem to pop out of the picture. Later in the fall as the colors become more muted, the warm jewel tones wonderfully complement a soft gaze and tranquil happiness. 

Make a Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather for Fall Bridal Portraits

Unlike your wedding, you can plan for a backup location (or a backup date) for your bridal portraits. A drizzle on the day of your session can force you inside, but so can bad weather on the days leading up to your session. Outdoor locations with mud and debris can threaten the integrity of your lovely dress. Discuss with your photographer ahead of time and come up with a backup plan. If the pathway to your favorite lakefront dock will compromise your safety or your dress, consider your bridal portraits on a covered porch or in front of picture windows with the lake in the background. The Natalie Roberson Photography studio also offers the perfect outdoor location, with 15 acres of beautiful landscape, with access to their indoor portrait studio should Mother Nature bless the day with rain.

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Should You Have a Bouquet for Fall Bridal Portraits?

Each bride envisions their bridal portraits with specific backgrounds, poses, and props. You’ll have pictures of you with your bouquet taken on your wedding day, so it is perfectly acceptable to either include a bouquet or not in your bridal portraits. Brides from places where bridal portraits are more common like southern states, Asia, and Indonesia often have elaborate decorations and typically include a bouquet. Brides attempting to replicate their wedding day image should also plan for a bouquet.  

Natalie Roberson Photography Has Experience with Bridal Portraits in All Seasons!

Bridal portraits offer the rare opportunity to capture the timeless beauty of a bride in any season. Natalie Roberson Photography has the experience and vision to photograph each bride-to-be so that the fall, winter, spring, or summer season highlights her beauty, love, and happiness. Contact us today to learn how much smoother advance bridal portraits can make your wedding day!