The Best Locations for Texas Bluebonnet Photos in North Texas

Bluebonnet photos

The Best Locations for Texas Bluebonnet Photos in North Texas

What Month do the Bluebonnets Bloom in Texas?

Early spring weather determines how early or late the Texas bluebonnets bloom each year. A warm March can bring an early Texas bluebonnet season starting at the end of March, while the cooler weather tends to keep them dormant until April, when most bluebonnet festivals are scheduled. Fortunately, this gorgeous state flower has an enthusiastic following that is more than happy to alert everyone at the first signs of the blue-hued blooms. Keep an eye out on your local visitors’ bureaus, websites like and on Natalie Roberson Photography’s social media feeds on facebook, twitter and Instagram for their bluebonnet photo session favorites!

How Long is the Texas Bluebonnet Season?

The breathtaking Texas bluebonnets season is a short one which means you only have a few weeks of peak bloom to get your bluebonnet photo sessions in. Many say the Texas bluebonnet was given its name from its unique sunbonnet shape, and due to its local popularity, the wildflower was officially named the Texas state flower in 1901. There are five different species of the bluebonnet that grow in Texas, and they all have the same short blooming season. If you schedule your bluebonnet photo session with Natalie Roberson Photography early, you’ll be sure to get the most ideal time and location for your perfect outdoor family, senior, maternity or engagement portraits!

Bluebonnet photos

Where is the Best Place in Texas to See the Bluebonnets?

To take in and appreciate all this state flower has to offer, check out Ennis the Texas Bluebonnet Trail. With over 40 miles of roadside fields overflowing with Texas bluebonnets rich blossoms, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place for a bluebonnet photo session. The state Department of Transportation’ vegetation management delays mowing along its highways until after the spring and early summer wildflower blooming seasons have concluded.

While Ennis has been named the official Texas bluebonnet city, Chappell Hill holds the official Texas bluebonnet festival each year to celebrate their cherished state flower. Keep an eye on sparse bluebonnet fields that get lots of rain during the fall and winter seasons because they have the best chance of germination, to fill in and expand during the next Texas bluebonnet season.

Bluebonnet photos

When Should I Take my Texas Bluebonnet Pictures?

A field of breathtaking vibrant blooms is the perfect springtime backdrop for your Bluebonnet photo session. Keep an eye out as to what local Texas bluebonnet enthusiasts are saying online because they’ll likely be the first to announce bluebonnet sightings. From there, you can typically figure one to two weeks after will be the peak time to get your Texas bluebonnet photo session finalized.

With years of experience photographing Texas bluebonnets, Natalie Roberson Photography can schedule your session for the best time of day to capture you in the best lighting and the majestic Texas bluebonnets fully opened. Typically, the Texas bluebonnet flower is bright and open for a full eight to ten hours to take in the sunshine during the day. About two hours before the sun sets is the ideal time for your Texas bluebonnet photo session because the sun’s rays are not as harsh and spread a warm golden hue over the wildflowers.


What is the Best Location to Capture Texas Bluebonnets with Natalie Roberson Photography?

If you have a favorite Texas bluebonnet field, be sure to discuss the location with Natalie Roberson Photography when you schedule your bluebonnet photo session. Natalie Roberson Photography has been photographing this revered wildflower for many years and knows all the public and hidden Texas bluebonnet fields perfect for your family, maternity, engagement, or senior pictures. If you want a local hidden gem of a Texas bluebonnet field, the Natalie Roberson Photography studio is ideally situated on fifteen acres for the perfect springtime setting.

When is the Best Time to Make an Appointment for a Texas Bluebonnet Photo Session with Natalie Roberson Photography?

The best time to make your Texas bluebonnet photo session is in early to mid-February. Hurry and schedule your session soon because bluebonnet photo sessions tend to fill up quickly! Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today to schedule an appointment – we are happy to modify your bluebonnet session appointment as the wildflowers reach their peak bloom.