Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Aerial Photography from Natalie Roberson Photography

Aerial Photography for Real Estate

What is Aerial Photography Used for?

Aerial photography has many uses from search and rescue to anthropology research, and now it’s taken real estate photography to the next level. While a bird’s eye view of homes used to only be achievable by contracting an expensive small aircraft, you can now achieve a gorgeous overview of your property for a fraction of that cost.

Natalie Roberson Photography uses unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, to capture breath-taking real estate aerial photography. To take aerial photographs, the pilot stays on the ground while remotely flying a drone equipped with a high-resolution camera capable of capturing an overview of the property with both pictures and videos.

Aerial Photography

Can Aerial Photography Help Sell a House?

Aerial photography captured using drone technology has been shown to give real estate listings an advantage over those that lack property overview photos. With aerial photography, prospective buyers are given a nearly in-person view of their potential new property and its surrounding areas. MLS estimates properties are 68% more likely to sell using aerial photography than those lacking these types of photos. Traditional photos taken from the driveway or center of the property prove more difficult for buyers trying to picture themselves owning the home or business.

Using drone-captured aerial real estate photography, Natalie Roberson Photography creates the perfect image sellers need to convey everything about the property for the buyer to envision making it their own home or business.

Aerial Photography for Real Estate

When should you use Aerial Photography for Real Estate?

Not every real estate photography gallery requires aerial photography. It’s ideal to use aerial photography if the property has special features that you want to highlight from above like a unique layout, that would otherwise be difficult to convey even in a wide angle photo. The benefit of aerial photography will likely depend on the type of property, its listing price, the sellers’ potential profits and the local market environment. The ideal listing that would benefit most using aerial photography from Natalie Roberson Photography would be commercial lots/properties, large or high-end homes, listings with acreage, properties with a scenic view or properties where free mapping services are out of date or fail to depict all that the property has to offer.

What are the Advantages of Aerial Photographs for Real Estate?

In a buyers’ or a sellers’ market, adding professional real estate photography to an MLS listing demonstrates a prominent and successful real estate agent. Adding aerial photography allows potential buyers to easily get the lay of the land instead of trying to click through and compare photos and stitch them together to visualize the lifestyle they would have living in the home.

In some cases, aerial photography is expected as viewers swipe through MLS listings on their computer or smartphone. Buyers looking for specific characteristics like scenic views, acreage, large or high-end homes, farm estates, community amenities, and commercial lots, expect to see that bird’s eye view of what the listing describes. Anything less than professional drone-captured aerial photography by Natalie Roberson Photography could leave both the sellers and buyers with a less than satisfactory opinion of an MLS listing or worse, result in a missed sale.

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Is it Legal to Use Drones for Real Estate Photography?

The short answer is yes, it is legal to use drones for real estate photography. However, in order for a photographer to use their drone for commercial purposes like taking real estate aerial photography, they must first acquire an FAA certification by passing the rigorous Remote Pilot Certification exam often referred to as Part 107, and register their drone with the FAA.

After getting certified and insuring their drone, professional real estate photographers from Natalie Roberson Photography also research federal flying regulations specific for each property site. The FAA manages all airspace and has determined what airspace is safe for flying UAVs, if special permission is needed for a flight and if there are designated no-fly zones nearby.

Why Natalie Roberson Photography is a great choice for Real Estate Photography

It’s no question that a real estate property listing is enhanced with aerial photography and sells properties faster. Buyers want an on-site point of view before they make the effort to visit a property and over 85% of real estate purchases have high-quality pictures and video in their listings. Whether you need residential, commercial, or lifestyle real estate photography, trust the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography to capture the property in its the best light from the ground and from the air. Make your property listing pop with our state-of-the-art drone captured real estate aerial photography, by contacting Natalie Roberson Photography today!