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10 Best Wedding Venues Near McKinney, TX

Are you planning a wedding near McKinney, Texas and searching for the perfect location? There are many lovely wedding venues near McKinney, as well as several beautiful locations for wedding photos.

Where can I take Wedding Photos near McKinney, Texas?

There are so many options for wedding photos near McKinney. If you are looking for something exotic, Adriatica Village is a Mediterranean-themed village where the gorgeous Bella Donna Chapel is located. For more traditional wedding photos, the Chapel at Chestnut Square is a white clapboard church with a large bell tower and a wide front porch, perfect for posing for a shoot. Stone Crest Venue is a more rustic locale but may be perfect for couples who want a vintage or country-style wedding.

What are the Most Popular Places for a Wedding Reception near McKinney, Texas?

There are many wedding venues near McKinney that are popular wedding destinations. Venues range from the romantic Bingham House, a historic 19th-century mansion, to stately indoor-outdoor estates like the Tuscan-style D’Vine Grace Vineyards and the expansive grounds of Reflections Venue and Gardens. For a mixture of romantic and rustic, Avalon Legacy Ranch is a beautiful venue located on 25 acres.

What types of Photographs are Most Often Taken During a Wedding Reception?

Typically, the photographer will want to shoot the venue before the reception so that she can capture the decorations before the guests arrive. A wedding cake shot is obligatory, as is the cake cutting. Dances are central to the reception, and the first dance, as well as the father-daughter dance, are important photo ops. The photographer will also want to get an exit shot of the newlyweds as they embark on their new lives together as a couple.

How do I Find the Best venue near McKinney, TX?

If you are looking for a wedding venue near McKinney, you should consider your needs and the type of wedding that you are planning. Do you want a simple outdoor wedding in a gazebo on the grounds of a historic turn-of-the-century home? The sweeping front porches and outdoor spaces of Surrey House are a perfect option. Are you hoping for an open-air wedding in the country? Rock Creek Ranch has 397 acres and a pergola on the lake. Decide what you want, the number of guests, and what amenities you will need, and then you can start narrowing down venue options.

Is McKinney, TX a Wedding Destination?

McKinney is a popular location for weddings and there are many wedding-related businesses in the town, but it may surprise some to learn that McKinney actually attempted to gain an official designation as Wedding Capital of North Texas from the state. Unfortunately, this was unsuccessful, but McKinney remains the unofficial wedding destination for many, and the beautiful venues in this area only reinforce McKinney’s status as the wedding capital.

How do I Make my Wedding Venue Stand Out?

Choose a venue that you truly love and look for ways to personalize it as much as possible, from the decoration to flowers and place settings. Consult a professional if you feel overwhelmed by the process, or ask about assistance at the venue. Many locations have planners to assist with wedding day preparations. Hire a photographer ahead of time and make sure that you discuss your wishes and expectations for the big day. Don’t forget about your guests. Personalized place cards, small gift bags, or memorabilia and trinkets from the wedding can all make your venue stand out to your guests.

Award Winning McKinney Wedding Photographer

McKinney, Texas

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