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Why Spring is the Best Time for Family Photography

What Season is Best for Family Photos?

The best time of year to update your family photography is when your family has had a happy change like getting braces off or a major event, like welcoming a new member of the family. Capturing events like these and that endearing missing-tooth smile, before your kids have grown into the next stage of childhood, is our specialty at Natalie Roberson Photography. Timing this event with the first appearance of bright spring blooms and the moderate weather in Texas creates an ideal time for your springtime family photography. At Natalie Roberson Photography, we believe springtime family photography is the best because it happens after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and before the summer heat and vacations when the weather is delightful and colorful blooms are everywhere!

What Time of Day is Best for Outdoor Springtime Family Photography?

We recommend scheduling your outdoor springtime family photography session during the “golden hour.” This magical time is about one to two hours after sunrise and one to two hours before sunset. This is when the sun is near the horizon but still being filtered through the atmosphere to provide a soft, warm ambient light perfect for your family photography. When the sun is high in the sky during the day, it can cast harsh rays that cast shadows in unflattering places and can make you look sweaty in your photos.  We plan for this in our outdoor family photography scheduling to get the best results.

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What do you Wear to a Springtime Family Photoshoot?

When planning what to wear for your springtime family photography session, be sure to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Uncomfortable outfits can sometimes be reflected in your expressions and cast a shadow on the portraits. Avoid white and black outfits as these colors can inadvertently create a washed-out appearance. Also try not to wear loud, distracting patterns or lots of chunky jewelry. Coordinated outfits look great, however, if everyone is wearing the exact same shirt and pants, you may draw unwanted attention away from everyone’s smiles. Choose bright and solid colors and accessorize with things like small jewelry pieces, scarves, and cufflinks. Don’t forget to bring a backup outfit, especially for the little ones because accidents can happen at the most inopportune times!

What Background Should We Use for Family Photography in Spring?

When considering backgrounds for your springtime family photography, think about what’s important to you. If you have a favorite park, garden walkway, or picnic spot you frequently visit, any of these locations would be a fantastic place for the backdrop of your family photography. If you’re looking for something new and fresh, Natalie Roberson Photography can offer some suggestions for our favorite photography ideas, or check out our family photography gallery for some fun inspiration. When your scheduling is not flexible, we recommend our studio as we can quickly accommodate an indoor family photography setting if the weather is not ideal for your outdoor family photography session.

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When do the Bluebonnets Bloom in Texas?

A field of Texas bluebonnets can provide the breathtaking family photography backdrop you’re looking for. The weather in early spring tends to dictate the arrival of the Texas bluebonnets’ first blooms. Warmer temperatures could bring the first blooms as early as the end of March while cooler temperatures hold them dormant until mid-April. Be sure to make your springtime family photography appointment well before your favorite bluebonnet fields start showing their brilliant blue hues. The Natalie Roberson Photography studio is ideally situated on fifteen acres for the perfect springtime blossom setting.

How Far in Advance Should you Book Family Photos?Family Photography

It’s best to schedule your springtime family photography with Natalie Roberson Photography two to three months in advance since this popular time of year fills up quickly and weekend spots can have limited availability. Think about the best day of the week and the best time of day for your family, when you won’t be rushed or stressed trying to make it from one appointment to the next. Young children tend to photograph best in the morning after a good night’s rest and toddlers are less fussy when their tummies are full.

It’s important to hire a professional like Natalie Roberson Photography to capture you and your family at its best. Our highly sought-after photography team has the expertise and dedication to capture your family’s love and happiness in the most artistic way. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography today to schedule your free consultation and a springtime family photography session to capture the memories that will last you a lifetime!