Even during a pandemic, people still want to buy homes. And because of the pandemic, the trend of buyers looking online before they buy has increased tremendously, making outstanding real estate photography during Covid-19 a necessity. New and better platforms like the iGuide are allowing real estate sellers to give their customers the ultimate immersive experience so they can make confident and informed buying decisions. Read on to learn about real estate photography during Covid-19 and the new gold standard: the iGuide.

What is iGuide?

The iGuide is a real estate listing platform that offers photography, video, and additional information to give potential buyers a real feel for the property they are considering. Its features include:

  • Viewer: Share information about the property on iGuide’s listing platform.
  • Report: Receive 3D tour links, downloads, and tools to create a beautifully superior listing of the property.
  • Images and Video: Stunning, interactive 360-degree images and video give customers the feeling that they are walking through space.
  • Floor plans: Accurate, professional floor plans engage and inform customers.
  • Floor and room dimensions: The state-of-the-art 3D tour camera used for iGuide gives precise measurements of all spaces in the home. You can measure within the floor plan or an image using the advanced tools.
  • Analytics: Find out how well your listing is doing. Who is looking at your listing on what sites and for how long? Advanced, next-level tools will help to guide your selling decisions.
  • Neighborhood Information: Potential customers can scout out schools, restaurants, libraries, and transportation near the property.

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What do Realtors Love about iGuide Photos during COVID-19?

Research has proven that homes with high-quality images sell quicker and for more money, with more images being better. In fact, 85 percent of real estate purchases are made after a buyer views high-quality images of the property. Realtors love the iGuide because it gives customers a 360-degree view of their potential new home. Every nook and cranny is there to explore through interactive images and video which allow customers to visually walk through the home at their pace and direction. And due to superior technology, the iGuide is able to capture both beautiful images and the measurements and floor plans of the home. The results are amazing compared to traditional real estate photography, and those realtors who adopt the iGuide for their real estate photography during Covid-19 are poised to match more homes with buyers with less hassle and more confidence.

Are Texas Realtors Considered Essential Personnel during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

On March 31st, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott established guidelines for essential personnel in Texas. Texas realtors are included on the list of essential workers. However, the guidelines state that even essential industries should try to conduct business as much as possible online and using safe practices such as social distancing. This is why real estate photography during the Covid-19 pandemic, and especially high-quality formats like iGuide, is so critical.

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How Important is Real Estate Photography in Selling a Home?

The importance of real estate photography during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond simply cannot be overstated. Homes that use real estate photography sell 32 percent faster and they also sell for more money. Homes with more pictures sell faster than homes with not as many pictures. These numbers are probably very conservative during the Covid-19 pandemic. Simply put, you can’t afford to use photography to sell homes. Superior photography, platforms, and tools, like those provided by the iGuide, perform better.

Will the new normal in Real Estate Photography Continue into 2021?

The trends that we’ve seen for real estate photography during the Covid-19 pandemic will continue into 2021 and far beyond. Besides the fact that Covid-19 is predicted to stick around into 2021 and longer, home buyers and people, in general, are becoming more and more reliant on technology for everything. They expect to see and explore something they plan to buy online, and they demand a high-quality online experience. Real estate is no different. Real estate photography during the Covid-19 pandemic is furthering the online trend, and the development of newer and better photography formats like the iGuide will continue to help home sellers reach and win customers in the future.

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A robust online presence with high-quality real estate photography during the Covid-19 pandemic is a must for home sellers, and the iGuide is raising the bar. Natalie Roberson is an award-winning iGuide service provider and can help you show your properties in the best possible light. Contact Natalie Roberson Photography for a consultation today.