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Why Create Painted Portraits for your Family?

Portraitures are compelling art, telling us far more about the subject than a simple photo.

What are Painted Portraits?

Simply stated, a painted portrait is a way of capturing how a subject looks at a single point in time. A walk back in 16th-18th century history, painted portraits were once a status symbol and a treasured relic. Commissioned by the noble and wealthy, they were flaunted in the corridors of homes offering a personal glance into the life of the individual or “sitter” featured. Each with its own unique story and relevance, portraits conveyed the essence of its subject. Surprisingly enough, historians compare the portraits back then to the tabloids and selfies of today, as they often featured trendy fashion or an infamous backstory of someone important.

Over time, painted portraits lost their spotlight to a more accessible form of art: camera photography. But in today’s culture painted portraits seem all the more relevant as they are a unique and noteworthy form of art expression.

Why are Family Painted Portraits Important?

Family painted portraits offer you an opportunity to capture your loved ones beyond a simple photo. If you’re hoping to commemorate a family milestone, celebratory event, or simply memorialize your family at a point in time, portrait paintings are sure to leave a legacy and be enjoyed for generations to come.

What makes a good portrait painting?

From surrealist portraits to more traditional ones, each person has their own taste. But at their core, a portrait painting will take a subject and bring to life the essence of who they are. Whether it features a person or a family there are a few questions to consider when evaluating a portrait painting: How does the artist utilize light to portray their subject? What does the background look like? Are there any objects placed around them? Successful artists will know how to position their subject to bring forward the mood, personality, and core of their subject(s).

How does NRP turn a Photograph into a Painting?

Highly skilled in our craft, Natalie Roberson Photography will work with you to turn your portrait into a beautiful work of art. We can travel to a special location of your choice or you can visit us at our studio sitting on 15 acres of lush green land. Here you can choose from a variety of elegant antique furniture options to customize your portraiture to reflect your own style and personality.

Here’s how our Portraiture Process Works:

  • Initial Consultation: During the consultation, Mrs. Roberson will meet with you to discuss what you have in mind for the portrait. Although Mrs. Roberson prefers this meeting to be done in person, she has the ability to use video software and a phone call. During this brainstorming session, it is important to explore every aspect of the project so that Mrs. Roberson is prepared for the first sitting.
  • Sitting: During the sitting, the subject will pose while Mrs. Roberson takes photos, sketches, and discusses the coloring. You and Mrs. Roberson will agree upon the best pose and the portrait composition.
  • Artist at Work: Mrs. Roberson will then begin working on your portrait. She may need to ask you some questions throughout the process and will keep you up to date with her progress.
  • Consultation on Framing: Mrs. Roberson has experience presenting her artwork in the best possible frame to heighten the visual experience. She will consult with you on framing and presentation.
    Delivery: The final step is personally delivering your portrait, although you also have the option to have it shipped.

Why choose NRP for your painted portrait?

At Natalie Roberson, Photography painting portraits is a true passion. At every step of the way, we work closely with you to make sure we not only capture your personality but create a piece of art that will be admired for years to come. Awarded for our craft, we accomplish the impossible by bringing to life the ‘exact likeness’ of your loved ones. Get started with your booking today.