Photography Trends for the New School Year

What are the Current Photography Trends for the New School Year?

The end of summer means the back-to-school season is upon us. This is a time where quick phone pictures may not do this monumental event justice. There are some fun first-day-of-school photography trends circulating out there, and Natalie Roberson Photography knows how to take these trends and add your personality to them. Here are some of our favorites!

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  • Letterboard, Chalkboard, or Fact sheet – A favorite popular first day of school photography trend is boards spelling out your child’s name with their commemorative age and grade level. Fact sheets have more information on them and are a fun way to convey current stats and favorites. These props are adorably personalized by adding their new teacher’s name, favorite snack, best friend, subject or what they want to be when they grow up.
  • School Gear – The best part of back to school for kids is picking out their new lunchbox, outfits, and backpacks. When they outgrow their obsession with their favorite character, you’ll all look back fondly on these photographs where they’re proudly holding their new gear. Personalize this photography trend by having your child pose like the character on their new lunchbox or holding a flag with their future school’s mascot.
  • With Siblings, Dad, Mom or Best Friend – Another first day of school photography trend is interacting with other siblings, or mom and dad. Every member of the family is excited and nervous about the change in pace when school starts. Personalize this photography trend with little brother giving big brother a high five as he proudly holds his “First day of school” sign, or their four-legged best friend holding a “Good luck!” flag.
  • Mix and Match – Take two or three of these ideas and add them together for fully personalized back-to-school photographs! Be careful not to overdo it as the focus of the photo should always be the student and their excitement, anticipation, and smile. Need help figuring out which is right for you? Leave all of the perfectionist details of your back-to-school photography session to the pros when you schedule with Natalie Roberson Photography!

How to Make the Time for a Great First Day of School Photo


As a mother herself, Natalie Roberson personally knows just how difficult it can be to set aside the time to prepare, pose, and photograph the ideal first day of school photo. That’s why enlisting the help of an expert will not only get you that perfect memory before school begins, it will help that first day of school go more smoothly and take the pressure off you and your kids.

What to Wear for the First Day of School Photos.

Depending on what your goal is for your back-to-school photographs, a casual or dressier wardrobe may be appropriate. On the casual side, an adult-sized “Class of 2030” t-shirt adds a twist on back-to-school photography trends showing how they grow into the t-shirt more each year. But most importantly, your child should feel comfortable. If that means her sparkly shoes and frilly dress, the professionals at Natalie Roberson Photography can help you find the perfect backdrop to highlight her personality.

What are Some Post-Worthy Creative Ideas for the First Day of School Photos?


Kids today aren’t familiar with the struggles of dragging out the old photo album or shoebox full of pictures to find last year’s school photo for comparison. Instead, use an app to create a quick collage to compare last year’s first day of school photo to share their changes over the past year. One post-worthy favorite poses is your child holding a framed photograph of themselves from last year’s first day of school photo. As the grade levels get higher, the picture within a picture gets smaller and smaller, reminding us that a little bit of their childhood is always with them.

Can’t Capture your back-to-school Vision? Natalie Roberson Photography can help!

If you’re thinking that a back-to-school pose and backdrop would be perfect if it had your own twist on it, Natalie Roberson Photography can help! For classic poses and the first day of school trends, we are experts at taking your ideas and creating popular shots exploding with your child’s unique personality and interests. Capturing the excitement and anticipation of what the school year will bring in a meaningful photograph isn’t just for the parents anymore. As kids get older, it’s fun for everyone to see how their appearance and personalities grow and change over the years! Schedule your back-to-school photography session today!