Maternity Photos in Celina,Texas

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

Maternity Photos in Celina,Texas

Your pregnancy is unique, intimate, and beautiful. Investing in a maternity photography session is a great way to capture that special time on film so you can remember it long after the pregnancy is over. If you are looking for maternity photography in Celina, TX, Natalie Roberson Photography creates extraordinary, one-of-a-kind photographs that show the love between an expectant mother and her child, right here in Celina, TX.

How do you Take Good Pregnant Belly Pictures?


Getting that good pregnant belly picture is all about showing off that beautiful baby bump! But pregnancy is exhausting and uncomfortable, so how can you relax and look your best in your maternity photographs? Natalie Roberson Photography can help. Being a mother herself, Natalie understands that pregnancy can be taxing, and she works hard to create a soothing atmosphere for your maternity photography in Celina, TX. She also offers a free pre-consultation to get to know you and help you make decisions that will give you the best result for your maternity photography session. Trust Natalie’s ten plus years of experience and her compassion to put you at ease and get the best pregnant belly pictures ever!

What Week Should I do Maternity Photos?

Timing for maternity photography is key. It’s important to show your adorable baby bump in all its round glory but not to show you looking uncomfortable or tired as you might feel towards the end of your pregnancy. If you wait too long, you might miss your chance to take maternity photographs because babies don’t always wait for photo sessions! Years of experience in maternity photography in Celina, TX have taught the photographers at Natalie Roberson Photography that the beginning of the third trimester (starting at 27 weeks) is ideal for your maternity photography session. That way you are round and lovely but not feeling or looking overly fatigued.

How do you Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot in Celina, TX?

It is wise to do some planning before arriving at your maternity photography session in Celina, TX, since there are no do overs once the baby is born. Natalie Roberson Photography offers a free pre-consultation before the photo shoot to discuss wardrobe, setting, and your preferences so you don’t have to make decisions on the day of your maternity photo shoot. When the day arrives, give yourself plenty of time to prepare, including getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup, and traveling to the location of your photo session. That way you will feel relaxed and beautiful and can concentrate on what’s important – showing the love between you and your baby! 

What should I Wear for a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

You and your sweet baby bump are the focus of your maternity photography session with Natalie Roberson Photography, so clothing should be simple and classic. Choose light colors and avoid distracting prints or trendy outfits since you will be looking at your photos many years in the future. Simple dresses and jumpers with flowing lines or a shirt or gown that draws in below the breast will accentuate your baby bump. You can also rent elegant maternity gowns so you don’t have to buy something just for your shoot. Think lovely shapes with flowing lines and soft colors for your maternity photography in Celina, TX, but above all, choose clothing in which you feel beautiful!

What should My Husband Wear for Maternity Pics?

If your husband is planning to join you in your maternity photography shoot, Natalie Roberson Photography can help you choose an outfit for him that does not compete with yours. His wardrobe choice should include colors and a style that complements, but not exactly matches yours. Most importantly, his clothing should not overshadow or distract from you and the baby. By planning your outfits carefully, your maternity photography in Celina, TX will showcase the developing bonds of the new family.

Natalie Roberson maternity photography

What’s the Best Place for Maternity Photography in Celina, TX?

Natalie Roberson is an experienced, award-winning photographer who is sought after for her stunning maternity photography in Celina, TX. Natalie loves family photography and has an eye for capturing the unique beauty of an expecting mother and her baby. A mom herself, Natalie knows that pregnancy can be tiring. She will help you plan the important elements of your maternity photo shoot in advance so that you can relax and let the bond between you and your baby shine through in your photos. Whether you choose to have your maternity photography session in Natalie’s state-of-the-art studio or at a location in or around Celina, Natalie Roberson Photography will help you create beautiful photographs that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime!