Maternity Photography for Moms to Be for Mothers Day

Parents-to-be admiring their baby bump for maternity photography - Natalie Roberson Photography

Maternity Photography for Moms to Be for Mothers Day

What Month of Pregnancy Should you Take Maternity Photos?

All moms-to-be are unique and special in their journey to motherhood and it can be difficult to pinpoint that perfect time for your maternity photography session. At Natalie Roberson Photography, we have many years of experience with maternity photography, however predicting an early, on time or late delivery date is not a skill that can be mastered! Scheduling a session too late could be problematic because your baby might not wait for your session. But generally, a time between the beginning of your third trimester (which starts at 27 weeks), when your baby bump has become beautifully round, and before the last month of pregnancy, when you become more uncomfortable and start looking fatigued, is a great time for maternity photography.


Mother’s Day is a Great Time for Maternity Photography!


There is no better time to celebrate moms-to-be than the celebration of Mother’s Day! The excitement and happiness of becoming a mom again or for the first time makes a Mother’s Day maternity photography session extra special. With the warm sun bringing out the beautiful springtime blooms and the feeling of hope and new beginnings swirling in the air, there’s no better complement to your maternity photography.

Creative Ideas for Maternity Photography this Mother’s Day

There are many styles that work for maternity photography from high glamor to candid. Each couple has their own preferences that uniquely shape how they envision their maternity photography. If you’re unsure about what style you want, check out Natalie Roberson Photography’s maternity photography gallery for ideas. Below are some details to help you define the style of maternity photography you’re looking for.

  • Location: Many moms-to-be have already spent many hours preparing their nursery and what better place to have your maternity photography photoshoot than in the room you’ve been prepping as the perfect sanctuary for your baby. The Natalie Roberson Studio is also a beautiful and peaceful space set up for your comfort. And finally, many expectant mothers choose to incorporate their favorite outdoor space in their maternity photography, like a favorite park or a field of springtime blooms.
  • Poses: Second only to their bump, each expectant mom-to-be has their own best features. Chances are, the experts at Natalie Roberson Photography will notice them, but be sure to discuss the poses to highlight your good side at your free consultation before your maternity photography session. Posing with your partner, the baby’s older siblings, or your furry best friend are also great ideas!


  • Outfits: We recommend bringing three or four form-fitting but comfortable outfits to highlight your baby bump. Bring both casual and formal wear to your maternity photography session, and jewelry should be complementary but not distracting. For sessions scheduled at the Natalie Roberson Photography studio, we have many maternity outfits to choose from in various colors, fabrics, and sizes.
  • Props: A picture of your baby’s ultrasound is the perfect prop for your maternity photography. You could also bring a cute pair of baby shoes or that adorable hat grandma knitted. If the baby’s closet is already stocked with some of the cutest little newborn onesies, bring one or two of those as well.

Your partner or the baby’s older siblings are the perfect additions alongside moms-to-be. For a candid photoshoot style, you could have a pretend tea party with your daughter’s tea playset or wear matching sports jerseys on a park bench with your son. For a more glamorous style, bring your partner to your maternity photography session to capture the intimate admiration he has for the mother of his unborn child.

  • Showing off that bump!: No matter what props you bring, what clothes you wear, or where your maternity photography session is located, your beautiful round belly is the star of the show! At Natalie Roberson Photography, we know how to create a comfortable atmosphere for our moms-to-be to accentuate her baby bump and make her look and feel special.

Natalie Roberson Photography has years of Experience in Maternity Photography

At Natalie Roberson Photography, we have years of experience capturing the joy and anticipation of moms-to-be. We are constantly updating our equipment and photography techniques to the latest trends and pride ourselves in understanding how our expectant moms want to be portrayed and how to capture those visions for our clients in their maternity photography sessions. If you’re a mom-to-be this Mother’s Day, or looking to give the perfect gift to that special expectant mother, be sure to schedule the maternity photoshoot at least one month in advance. This gives you and us time to discuss your vision and the logistics to make this vision happen in a relaxed atmosphere. Call (972) 415-7644 or use our Contact Form today to schedule your Mother’s Day maternity photography session today!